Missionary Family, Switzerland

Dear Betty,

I am writing to thank you for all your efforts and valuable insights in placing Dianne M_____ in our home as a “missionary nanny” to our children. She lived with us for 8 weeks, caring for our little guy, Micah, each day so that I could attend a daily intensive language class in the nearby city of Basel, Switzerland.

I had no idea how much I would come to appreciate Dianne! She truly became an integral part of our family during those busy weeks. Not only did she care tenderly for Micah each day, she also took care of our evening meals and helped with piles of laundry each week … always with a smile and servant attitude. Each Sunday evening, we had an informal meeting to talk about the week ahead and to plan meals, discuss needs and everyone’s schedules. Therefore, we didn’t experience misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations, or communication problems. Dianne just wanted to serve where there were needs, according to our perspective rather than her own. That was very thoughtful.

One of the things I appreciated most about Dianne’s wisdom and experience as a nanny was that she was very careful to avoid interfering with our parenting. She followed our lead and gave us space to enjoy our kids in the evenings and to maintain family unity. When asked for parenting wisdom, she offered it graciously, as a seasoned mother of three boys. However, it was never forced or exerted inappropriately. I really miss her input and our lively, inspiring conversations. She was also considerate about allowing Rob and I to have time alone to talk regularly … in our small apartment, that took considerable effort on her part. I will always remember Micah’s endearing thoughts of his special nanny. When asked recently who his best friend was, he confidently exclaimed, “Miss Dianne!” That says a lot!! Our daughter, Amanda, offered to be Dianne’s flower girl, if ever the need would arise! Our children truly adored Dianne and her young heart, helpful ways, and daily kindnesses. She added a warmth to our home that we indeed miss.

It is by God’s grace and your wisdom that Dianne was placed with our family. Thank you for allowing the Lord to lead you in your leadership of Mission Nannys. We will be ever-thankful for our connection with this special organization.

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