be a nanny

What You Need to Know


General Information
MissionNannys is an all-volunteer organization working to connect Christians willing to volunteer their services to assist Christian Missionary Families for their children’s education, child care, or domestic needs, usually for short terms of 3 to 12 months. Applicants will submit an application form with information about their Christian life, experience and so forth. Unlike other nanny placement services, we do not charge the Family nor the nanny for our service. (Click FAQS for more on finances).

We will inform you when we approve your application, and begin discussions about your choice of Missionary Family to serve. The Family will receive a copy of the information you provided to us, and if the match looks good, you will be put in direct contact for a dialog with the Family.

For more information about what we do click FAQS.

Short term mission trips

If you are interested in short-term mission trips, please visit our other site, MissionFinder. We have over 800 organizations looking for volunteers to serve for a week-end or 2 – 3 weeks. Opportunities in the US and throughout the world.

Requirements to be a MissionNanny
• 18 years of age or more. Most applicants are female, but in special circumstances, a mature married couple or a male may be accepted.
• High school graduate (or equivalent), in good health.
• Believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
• A citizen of USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand,  or certain countries in Western Europe and Scandinavia.
• Must be fluent in English.
• Understand there is a 3-month minimum commitment to your missionary family.
• Will abide by the “Guidelines for MissionNannys Service”
• Room and board are provided by the missionary family unless otherwise noted. Please note: this is Volunteer service, not a paid job. On your visa application you should state that you are visiting as a tourist or visitor, not an employee.
• You must agree to the ‘Limit of Our Responsibility’ and the ‘Limit of Liability’ (below)

Limit of Our Responsibility
If you are appointed to serve as a Mission Nanny, you will be required to state that you have read and accept the following statement:

“Mission Nannys is not able to check the references of the families who list their needs on the website, and makes no warranties, explicit or implied. Mission Nannys cannot assure you that the families, or the opportunities listed, or to which we refer you, are as they advertise themselves to be, or that they will meet your expectations. You must investigate any opening or opportunity found on the site that interests you, to assure yourself that what it offers is what you are seeking. MissionNannys assumes no liability for any opening or opportunity listed on this Site.”


Limit of Our Liability
If you are appointed to serve as a Mission Nanny, you will be required to agree to the following limits:

“I understand that MissionNannys does not provide liability or medical insurance coverage for any activities. In the event of injury or any claim of any nature, I agree to assume full financial responsibility for all related costs. I hereby release MissionNannys and their staff, volunteers, or board members, of all responsibility for damage or loss of life, personal goods and belongings, injuries, or any other claim.”
“I understand that, in the event medical treatment is required, I will make every effort to contact my own insurance agency. However, if they cannot be reached, I give my permission to the missionary family for which I am volunteering my services, to secure the services of a licensed physician to provide the care necessary, including anesthesia, for my treatment and well being.”