From Laura, recently returned from San Salvador

Hi Mrs. Sullins, I made it back safely, and am glad to be home, although I miss my “new” family and all the friends I made. Here is my testimony, as well as two pictures. The first is me with the three older kids. The fourth wasn’t in the picture taking mood. 🙂 The second is me and Carly, a little girl at one of the Children’s homes in San Salvador that I was able to visit often.
My time with the M___ family was such an incredible blessing, almost too much to even describe. I arrived in just complete obedience to God, ready for whatever it would be, even if it ended up not being what I expected. But I ended up finding a second family: Amazing people that I had the privilege to serve, who will continue to be a part of my life in the future. God taught me so much through this experience. Lessons about depending upon Him, remaining broken before Him constantly, and how incredibly blessed I am. He showed me so much, and blessed me ABOVE and BEYOND, just as He promises He is able. The four M___ kids have found a forever place in my heart. From the very first day, they, as well as their parents, welcomed me right into their family.
Mission Nannys is being used mightily by God, by giving people like me the opportunity to serve in ways I never thought possible, as well as by blessing the missionaries who receiving the service. Whenever people would ask how I ended up doing what I was doing and I explained it to them, they were amazed and thought Missions Nannys was just the neatest thing ever. I am so grateful to my Lord, Lover, and Savior, Jesus Christ for this opportunity.

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