From a Mission Nanny recently returned from Romania

“Dear Betty, I really enjoyed my time at the River of Life Care Home and I miss all the kids, moms, and staff with whom I was working alongside. It was a growing experience in my own life and Christian walk. When I got home I felt like I had grown closer to God and my faith had grown mightily. I was somewhat surprised at what God taught me in Romania and why He called me there for three months. One thing I learned was how important it is to set aside time to be with God. Being busy taking care of the kids I didn’t have as much time to spend seeking the Lord in prayer and studying His word. God challenged me with a question. “How important am I for you to make time for me?” So I had to really work at giving up some of my sleep or other times that I wasn’t in charge of watching the kids and spend it with my Savior.
My favorite part of being in Romania was watching how Doug and Roberta ran their ministry. The care home is such a needed ministry not only in Romania but all over the world and I loved spending time with the moms and their kids. Thanks for putting your ministry of “MissionNannys” together, Betty, and introducing me to the Moore’s who became my second family. In Christ, Jenni”

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