From Becky, returned from France

Hi Betty, I nannied for the C___ family for two months. During that time I really felt like a part of their family. I saw their work in and outside of their church, and several young people in their church baptized. I got to participate in an outreach program in the nearby city of Chantilly. Emma and I were able to present the song Walk on the Water (translated) through interpretive choreography. I was able to encourage Emma to use her talents for the glory of God. I will miss the children a lot because they are so sweet and loving. I loved to see how A___ grew even in the short time I was there.
After the family left for furlough in the US, I went west to the Parole de Vie (Word of Life) camp in the region of Brittany. As the “babysitter” I took care of the staff’s children whenever they needed to do something else. I visited with the campers and leaders and offered to help with anything else that needed to be done. There was a large group of STC students from the US and France who helped out. There were many opportunities for me to practice my French and that was wonderful. I got to make many friends and we encouraged one another throughout the 4 weeks, and it was so fun! God really used this time to teach me more about trusting Him, submitting everything to Him, and truly allowing Him to help me do what He has called me to do. He has also surprised me with His wonderful blessings. I am so thankful that Mission Nannys helped me have this experience.

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