NIGER- ID 161 – PAUSED – 2/21/19

The Family and their Ministry    ID 161

We are Steve & Katie, missionary doctors with Samaritan’s Purse and SIM who are serving at a mission hospital in Galmi, Niger for 2 years starting Jan 2018. We have a baby daughter who was born September 2017. Our ministry revolves around the mission hospital. There are numerous ways to minister to the patients in medical and non-medical ways.

Primary duty: Taking care of our baby girl named Abigail while we are at work.

Meal Prep? no

House Cleaning? no

Child Care/Baby Sitting? yes

Tutoring? no

Driving? no

Food Shopping? no

Laundry? no

Other duties or comments: We really just need someone to care for our sweet baby girl while we are at work. We are excited about the opportunity to share life with someone who would care for our baby and who we could welcome into our little family.

Desired start date: We will arrive in Galmi Jan 10, 2018. Anytime after that you could start!

Hours/day: We would need to start at the hospital early in the morning about 6:30 to 7am and then we would come home on average 2 hours for lunch time and then return to work for another 4-5 hours in the afternoon.

Days/week: Our schedules aren’t firm and would likely change from week to week. On average we will likely be working 6 days per week. We would be flexible and discuss with the hospital changes in our work hours if needed.

Food charge? No

Food dollars/week? 0

Other expenses: They would have their housing, food, and basic everyday life essentials taken care of. She would just be responsible for any other personal expenses.

MN’s room, bath: They would have their own bedroom but we would share a bathroom. We have a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house near the hospital where we will work. However, there maybe personal housing available pending availability.

Doctor? Yes. We are both doctors.

Hospital? Yes. We will be living within walking distance to the hospital.

Internet net/cell service? Yes.

MN’s arrival airport: Niamey and then a smaller plane through SIM air to Galmi

Meet plane? Yes.

Anything else? We are looking for someone who loves Jesus and loves children to come and take care of our sweet baby girl. We are praying for the right person who will care for her.

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