Middle East – ID 223

We are a family of 3. We really value being together, living in community, and being a light here. We have a son who was born in 2021, and when he was just a few months old we moved back to the Middle East. He bring us a lot of joy and he is a great gift from Him. Our family likes to do outdoors activities.

Our ministry is to reach out to locals people here. We serve in an unreached country. We both have part-time jobs, and we serve on a team that wants to live as His ambassadors here. Most people here have never heard the gospel, and don’t know many true things about Jesus. The workers really are few here, and unfortunately the burn out rate is high. Our team wants to thrive in the desert as we walk with the Lord and abide in Him. We do initiative evangelism, discipleship, prayer, men’s and women’s groups and try our best to keep our first love. A nanny would free us up to do more ministry here as we need to be bi-vocational for this location. We’d love for a nanny to jump into anything that we are doing that she’s like to join. We live in a community that does lots of life together and she’s be welcome into that!

Primary duty: Caring for our son

Meal Prep? Only if she enjoys it

House Cleaning? Some

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Yes

Tutoring? He’s too little right now 🙂

Driving? No

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? No

Other duties or comments: We live and work in one house which means we are often readily available if needed but that can also be challenging when the kids see us often. What we hope for is the ability for us both to fully engage in our specific roles in the ministry.

Desired start date: ASAP

Hours/day: 8+  (this could be flexible)

Days/week: 4 (this could be flexible)

Food charge? No

Other Expenses: She would have to pay for an Uber when she’d want to go out (this is really affordable and safe in our city). Otherwise she could ride with us whenever we
are together. Many grocery stores, coffee shops, and a few restaurants are in walking distance from our apartment.

MN’s room, bath: She would have her own room. It has a queen or kind size bed (we have two guest rooms and she could pick the one she likes. She has a dresser that’s open, a window, and we can get her a desk. She’d have her own private bathroom with a shower. We have a large apartment with many spaces to relax and rest, as well as an outdoor place to garden. We want people to feel at home in our home so we’ve tried to make it beautiful and restful for others.

Doctor? Yes

Hospital? Yes

I’net/cell service? Yes

MN’s arrival airport:   

Meet plane? Yes

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