Hello! We are Arthur and Darcy Staddon Family serving in Kitahiroshima. Our two daughters, Megumi  (2014) and Yua (2018) are adopted and Japanese nationals. We received them both directly from the hospital.

We have a large house in the Japanese countryside. Vegetable fields, 30 chickens and are surrounded by rice patties and beautiful mountains. We also have a full, commercial level gym and a guest house. We provide a place where the Japanese can be vulnerable, accepted and loved. We are known in the community for accepting those who do not fit in and loving the people this society has rejected.

We offer room and board to recovering Hikikomori and host students from all over Japan on short term field trips to the countryside. We seek to show the love of Christ in a tangible way. To be vulnerable as Christ was vulnerable; to be radically accepting as Christ was accepting; to love people no matter how flawed they are. We are mercy minded and our goal is to make disciples who go out and spread the love of Christ and the spirit of mercy.

Our guesthouse is available to christian workers for free as a retreat opportunity.

Our Website: www.theantiochpartners.org

Primary duty: Childcare. Light housekeeping.

Meal Prep? No

House Cleaning? Minor

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Yes.

Tutoring? English reading/writing for our children.

Driving? Not as a duty. But free to use the car.

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? Some

Other duties or comments: Date nights for us! There is no culture of babysitting here: extended family does that and we have none in country.

Some farm work: weeding, feeding chickens. Minimal.

Desired start date: ASAP

Hours/day: 8-11 2-5. Some evenings or weekends

Days/week: 5

Other expenses: Recreational. Great skiing nearby. Any trips she’d take on her own.

MN’s room, bath: Recently renovated guesthouse. Bathroom is shared in the main house.

Doctor? 5 minutes drive

Hospital? 5 minutes drive

I’net/cell service? Yes.

MN’s arrival airport: Hiroshima

Meet plane? Yes

Anything else? We have a long history of hosting people (both in the US and in Japan) and look forward to forming new relationships.  Arthur was a professional chef so you’ll eat well. Arthur would love to share his passion of exercise and food. Darcy would feel the same about music and writing.

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