The Family and their Ministry ID 214

We have served in a closed country for a number of years. We operate another business but our heart is start is to start home churches. We do that through broad gospel seed sewing and discipleship in the small but existing church in the area. We have six children, ages 14 to 5. Our youngest  needs daily physical therapy. We homeschool but are trying to start a half boarding/ online school in the capital city for middle and high school. This will require travel one week a month.

We have had a nanny in the past and she only worked part time with our family. The other time she was out in the community building relationships. We would suggest taking language lessons and getting involved with English clubs in the city. We would love to talk to the individual and see what their strengths and passions are and help them to find the right fit in our city.

Primary duty: We need help with our youngest’s therapy and  helping the other smaller kids with school the week.  A date night would be nice once a week.

Meal Prep? no

House Cleaning? no

Child Care/Baby Sitting? yes. Occasional overnight trips. Sometimes we will go to trainings out of town.

Tutoring? Yes. We homeschool. This job has a lot of homeschool help needed.

Driving? no

Food Shopping? no

Laundry? no

Other duties or comments:

Desired start date: Please inquire

Hours/day: 9-2

Days/week: 5

Food charge? no

Other expenses: If they want to live on their own or with another worker, she would have to spend about $500 a month for living expenses. Food at her house would be around $200 a month. Transportation, phone, and other expenses would be about $300 a month.

MN’s room, bath: We have an extra bedroom that doesn’t have a private bath. She would share the girls bathroom. There is a bathroom in the back of the house that we could fix up for her but it wouldn’t be as nice as the bathroom that our daughters use. Our other nanny lived outside our home. She preferred having the space.

Doctor? not adequate

Hospital? not adequate

I’net/cell service? yes

MN’s arrival airport: Please inquire

Meet plane? yes

Anything else? We live in a secure area and missionary is not a word that we use. The nanny would need to understand the need for contextualization and be willing to dress appropriately. We live in a very safe are but like in Muslim cultures, there are some challenges for the women.

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