Here is a testimony

“Here is a testimony of my time with the L_______. I was blessed with the opportunity through Mission Nannys to be able to travel to Mazatlan, Mexico and serve with the [missionary couple] and their two youngest girls. Through this beautiful family I was ble to see how God is working in the lives of the people in Mazatlan. I think I learned more from the girls than they learned from me. These two girls lead a very unique double life in a way. Eight months of the year they live in Mexico and then for the rest of the year they live in California. They have an amazing ability to adapt to the culture they are in. It was awesome to see the growth in both of the girls in my time with them. It has not been easy for them but this season was different; they made new friends and did well in their new school. I am glad I was able to support this family in their mission to reach Mazatlan for Christ. Since the girls are in a Mexican school during the day I had the opportunity to serve in the community and at the shop during the day. God is truely working in the lives of the surfers, tourists, seasonal residents, and locals, rich and poor alike, through [this dedicated] family. God worked in my life while serving with this family. Blessings, D________.

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