I.  A Mission Nanny should be guided by the Fruit of the Spirit.  Galations 5:22

  • LOVE – she makes sure that love permeates everything that is done.
  • JOY – a Mission Nanny is cheerful and adventuresome.
  • PEACE – she is a good communicator, submits to authority (i.e. defers to the family’s wishes and ways), and is a team player.
  • PATIENCE – she willingly performs menial tasks.
  • KINDNESS – she is helpful, diligent, non-intrusive, and has a willing spirit.
  • GOODNESS – she is supportive and encouraging.
  • FAITHFULNESS – she keeps confidences, has a servant attitude, is loyal, and is a student of the Word.
  • GENTLENESS – she accepts the way the family operates, and is flexible.
  • SELF-CONTROL – she communicates, keeps confidences, is organized.heem all in everyone.” I Cor 12:4 ESV

II. Mission Nanny Service
Mission Nannys is a “unique kind of service” providing domestic help to missionary families. We have the “manifestation of the Spirit” to help us in every way everyday.

1. A Mission Nanny should constantly strive to be of good cheer, have a good attitude and be ready to encourage the family to serve the Lord through their ministry.

2. Mission Nannys should have a daily time in God’s Word. It should be organized and sufficient enough to receive spiritual food. Mission Nannys should seek to mature as Christians each day, working out what they have learned.

3. Domestic work should be done only for the missionary family. This includes housecleaning, cooking, washing clothes, ironing, childcare, homeschooling and other duties in the home that the family needs. Special care should be taken by the volunteer in doing the duties. She should ask and be instructed how the family would like to have tasks done and then try to keep doing them that way while working/ministering with that family.

4.  Sometimes the normal work day of 8 hours may have to be increased to 10 or 12 depending on the activity of the missionary family and the stamina and willingness of the Mission Nanny. Running a home is different than an office and the volunteer might have duties morning and night and take a nap in between. We suggest one full day off a week, two if possible, depending on the family’s needs. Sometimes just a half day of getting away from the routine is helpful. The family’s library can be a great resource for the Mission Nanny. Reading missionary biographies, devotionals and good Christian fiction or nonfiction books is a great way to relax in the evening or any other free time.

5.  Both the family and the Nanny need to be sensitive to the needs of each other. Generally the nanny should let the family function as a family after the evening meal and cleanup, and for the rest of the night, thus giving the family time to be together and share the day’s events and keep their evening routines without the Mission Nanny around. We feel this greatly helps the family during the time the Mission Nanny is there because they can pray, talk or do whatever they are used to without “outside” inter-ference. By not always being with the family, the MN services will be more appreciated. The Nanny can go to her own room to read or take care of her own needs.

6. A weekly, bi-weekly or monthly “Council” meeting with the Mission Nanny and the Missionary Family is very helpful. At that time, after opening in prayer, many grievances can be aired, dealt with and reconciled to alleviate any problems in communication. The Mission Nanny should feel free to communicate problems at any time and the missionary family should seek to resolve them. Scheduled communication is vital to maintaining a good relationship.

7. Finances should be diligently handled by the Mission Nanny. She should not borrow or request money from the missionary family. Advance planning by the volunteer and adequate support from the church, relatives, and friends allow for a great ministry trip all around. Room and Board are free (with rare exceptions).

8. The Mission Nanny should not discuss the missionary family’s problems with anyone except the Lord. Anything private or sensitive that is said or done in the family or about the family that the Mission Nanny is exposed to should not be discussed with “outsiders.” Confidentiality is essential. Prayer is more important than openly speaking about the situation. Our God is able to solve all problems.

Thank you for your time and effort in applying to be a Mission Nanny to a needy missionary family.

May God continually bless you as you serve others.
Mission Nannys