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Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.  For you died and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.  When Christ who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.”  Col 3:1-2

Currently in the field:

Abby (22) Middle East – writes:  “With the new years comes new adventures!  During our homeschool Christmas break, I was able to take a quick holiday to Istanbul with another worker from my area.  It was a much needed break and a sweet time of rest.  Praise for protection and safety during the trip – we left the country just a day before some serious shootings and attacks happened in the areas we had been in.

The second term of our homeschool is in full-swing.  I have adjusted some of my teaching techniques now that I am more familiar with the girls’ learning styles, and so far it has proven very effective!  One of my goals here is not simply to feed them information and hope they do well on tests, but to guide them in developing a character that imitates Christ.

Please pray that my girls continue to develop a character of perseverance and patience in their schoolwork and gentleness and peace in their relationship with each other.  Before the holidays, I was involved with teaching an adult English class in the evenings.  It was such an incredible experience to interact with local people on a consistent and unique basis.  I learned so much about the culture and made sweet friendships.  However, I have decided not to continue with the English class this term. My purpose in this decision is that I will have more energy and time to intentionally invest in the family I was initially called here to serve.

Please join me in praying for ideas on how to invest in the girls and bless the parents as much as I possibly can, before my time here is over.  Abundant blessings and happy New Year to you all!” Homeschooling 3 girls ages 14, 11 & 9.

Anna (21) Romania – writes:  “Time is flying by, I can’t believe I only have 4 more weeks here.  Pray that I make the most out of these four weeks and that I have an impact on these kids.  It’s getting really cold out these winter days and Doug has to go and stoke the fire every 4 hours, pray for strength, peace, and rest for him and protect him from sickness.  Pray for Roberta, giving her  wisdom and strength.  Our staff team also are all sick, pray for healing and rest.  Antonio is 11, pray for focus in school and for healing in her left eye as she struggles with it not working right.” Many phases of ministry – Children, adults involved.

Gabi is 6 and Emma is 2, pray that they both have obedient hearts and that they will understand how much God loves them.  And pray that all of us will be lead by the Holy Spirit through our actions and our words.  Glorifying God.”

Hannah (23) Poland – writes:  “I am preparing to travel back home January 17.  Two years ago when I first quit my job and embarked on a Mission Nanny adventure I had no idea what all God had in store for me.  Throughout my two different MN jobs, and some domestic missions work in between, I have learned a lot of things.  But the greatest lesson I am constantly reminded of is that God will always provide for me.  And now, as I go back to Ohio, He has provided me with a similar job at the same company I previously worked at.  I absolutely know that, just as becoming a Mission Nanny was God’s perfect timing, this also is exactly where God wants me right now.  That being said, I am sad that my time as a Mission Nanny is over for the foreseeable future.  It has been one of the most challenging experiences, and I have learned so much.  But I am excited to be going home and I’m looking forward to all that God has for me in this next phase of my life.  Thank you all for your prayers, especially as I have several different flights and I am hoping there will be no weather related delays.  I would also appreciate your prayers as I adjust back to life in the states.” Four active boys Lucas 5-1/2, Elias 4, Alex 2-1/2 and Jonas 2 months.  Thanks for your prayers.

Valerie (52) Albania – writes:  “Currently I am preparing to return to Albania after taking a Christmas break.  Albania has been experiencing snow and abnormally cold temperatures (-15 C).  The family I serve is stranded at their home due to frozen roads; they live on top of a mountain and are unable to get into town for supplies. Other missionaries in the city have reported frozen pipes and now they are going on four days without water.  Wood stoves are the only source of heat for most people.  Another snowstorm is scheduled to arrive the same day as my flight.  Please lift the people of Albania up in your prayers.  Many of them struggle to survive daily;  I can’t fathom how much of a hardship the weather conditions are putting on them.” Homeschooling 2 boys 12 & 15.

Kelli (21) Fiji Islands – She plans to leave January 2018 and stay until November 18.

JeriKris (27) Thailand – leaving 1/17/17 until 4/17

Heidi (21) Belize –  Left 1/3/17 – school and child care 4-9/2017

Laney (18) Belize – San Pedro – writes:  “Hello everyone!  I pray that your holiday season was filled with so much joy and that your heart is filled with anticipation of how God will work in your life in this new year.  I enjoyed some sweet time at home with my family and some dear friends over Christmas—I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to make the trip!  The days were packed and super crazy,  I enjoyed each and every moment.  I arrived back in Belize on January 3rd after a somewhat hectic travel experience, and have loved getting back in the swing of things!  It was so sweet to be reunited with Faith and Josiah, my roommate Mandy who has become a really dear friend, and other staff members here on base.

The discipleship training school just started a new quarter, which means we have 27 new students from all over the world.  It’s been fun to get to know them during times when I’m not nannying. I could use prayer for continued strength, energy and wisdom as I love on these kids.  Pray that I choose Faith and Josiah’s needs over mine and that I selflessly serve with Christ’s love.  My relationship with the Lord –that I’d seek Him and His kingdom first, be sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit, and that I’d be able to fix my eyes on who Jesus is instead of focusing on myself or my circumstances.

Pray also for direction as to what my next steps are after nannying. I want to make the most of these last few months of being in Belize, so pray that I’d be wise and intentional with the way I spend my time! Thank you all.” Faith is 2-1/2 and Josiah is 1 year.

Natalie (25) Costa Rica/USA – writes: “Dear friends and family: This month has been amazing!  As some of you know I got a chance to go home for a short visit.  I am thankful I got to see some of you and the ones I missed this time around I hope to see you this summer.  And I praise God that we are so far healthy!  Some other highlights this month other then my visit home are:  1: Being with the mission family this Christmas, 2: going to the zoo and seeing Christmas lights, 3: going to see the Nutcracker that Micah’s friends were in.  4: Helping a family friend of Foote’s decorate their house for Christmas. I hope that everyone of you has had a wonderful Christmas too.  Please be in prayer for:  Our move to  Costa Rica will come up soon according to God’s will and that the family will be encouraged with all the chaos of moving around in CO.; and pray for wisdom and grace for me to care for the kids to the best of my ability.  Thank you all for your prayers and support – I would not be able to travel home if it where not for you.” Children are 11 and 8 who are being homeschooled in travel of USA.

Rachel S (18) Bolivia, Sucre – writes:  “I have spent 3 months here in Sucre and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone.  In the mornings I am homeschooling the three Anderson children (Joel – 8, Joanna 7, and Jonah 5).  The kids love learning and we have really enjoyed working through different topics in history, science, math, and reading.  In the afternoons I have been taking Spanish lessons and exploring the city. I feel very blessed to be involved in the youth group at our local church and have met many amazing people who I’ve been able to share and practice my Spanish with.

This past week I went with the youth group to a youth camp in Cochabamba and it was an absolutely incredible experience.  I will always remember the teachings and fun activities/games that made the week so enjoyable.

In my last 2 months here I ask you to pray that I can continue to prepare the Anderson children for their return to England.  I also ask for your prayers that I can continue to improve my Spanish, and develop deep, meaningful relationships with people that I will remember for the rest of my life.  God has been very good to me and I am very grateful for the opportunities I have had here in Bolivia.  Thank you for your prayers.”

Susan (26) Vanuatu Island – writes:  “God is good to those who call on His name!  I had the opportunity to join the staff here in their year-end ministry debrief.  Please pray that I will know where the end of my rope is, so that I don’t continue overdoing it!  God is teaching me how to take time for rest, even when my heart is full of desire to help.  God is God even while we are asleep! Thanks for your prayers!” Three children.

The grand total for volunteer Mission Nannys is at 320.


We are so delighted with the news that Eye of the Needle Foundation will be continuing the running of Mission Nannys.  Yes, after my 25 years of starting and serving a functioning mission board it will now transfer to another mission board to run it “just as it has been run in the past.”

It will still be Mission Nannys and use the same website and e-mail to continue seeking volunteers to help out many needy missionary families. It will be directed by other individuals who feel that it should continue to assist in the missionary efforts worldwide.

My heart is thrilled with this information! We need your prayers as Eye of the Needle assumes the daily running of Mission Nannys in order to attract and help born-again individuals to actively serve missionary families around the world.

What a joy it has been for me from age 65 to 90 to publicize and attract over 300 individuals.  Thank you for your prayers for each one as they applied, were appointed and then served around the world.  Some of the places were Capetown, South Africa; Baja, Mexico; Malaga, Spain; Sucre, Bolivia; Maesot, Thailand; Cameroon, So. Africa; Para, Brazil; Taiwan; Honduras; Costa Rica; Belize and many more.  To witness the change in the lives of applicants as they served missionary families and learn more about living with Jesus as the head of the household.  Many lives have been changed and we praise the Lord for His work in each one.

Love in Christ, Betty Sullins

Director, Mission Nannys

My address is: P. O. Box 61805, Santa Barbara, CA 93160

Applicants should mail their check or money order for the application fee ($25 U.S. currency, non-refundable), payable to Eye of the Needle Foundation, to:

Mission Nannys

c/o Eye of the Needle Foundation

P O Box 2789

La Jolla, CA 92038