“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what
we do not see. And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”

Currently in the field:

Laney (18) Belize – San Pedro – writes: “Hello from sunny, warm, beautiful Belize! I have been here for 10 days now and I absolutely love it! Today was my eighth day of nannying Faith (2 1/2) and Josiah (1). They are
absolutely precious, and sooooo busy! They keep me on my toes for sure; it’s been quite the adventure to keep their curious, fun-loving, energetic little selves busy with things that are positive. I’ve been having a blast. They’re definitely
capturing my heart with each day that goes by! I’d appreciate prayer for Christ’s confident strength, humility and joy as I serve, the wisdom I need in order to
know how to best meet each child’s needs, for God’s love to flow through me,
that I’d be intentional and diligent in having daily quiet time, and that I’d be
able to establish a healthy routine while I’m here. I’m so thankful for the
opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the Esquivels as they labor
for the Gospel, and I’m eager to see how the Lord works in and through me!
Thanks you for your prayers.”

Grace (19) Fiji Islands – writes: “This past month has been exciting yet extremely busy. The kitchen, bathroom and fence are being remodeled here at the house, which is taking a long time to finish up. I helped butcher
chickens for the first time in my life, it was very intense and gross. The girls
are doing so well in their schooling, so praise for that. I only have one more
month left here, so pray for that. Thank you for your support and prayers!
God bless!” Girls are Eden 13, Elaine 11, and Isla Grace 6.

Hannah (23) Poland – writes: “I have spent these few weeks getting settled in and learning the routine. It has been going well, I am learning a lot! It’s Also the first time that I’ve done any potty training, but Alex is learning and it’s going pretty well now! My prayer is that I can be a positive influence on these boys during the next few months. Lucas is 5-1/2, Elias is 4, Alex is 2-1/2 and Jonas is 2 months. Thanks for your prayers!”

Barbara (71) Belize – writes: “I had to do an unplanned trip home on the 18th of September because of my health issue. I am getting better, but I will probably not be going back to Belize unless for a short visit. I still want to ask for prayers for all of the people serving LOL in Belize” She is quickly improving.

Natalie (25) Costa Rica/USA – writes: “As we come into October we see change all around us. Some of us are going through change ourselves, whether that is a change of a new job, or getting a new house, etc. Everyone of us must face change in our lives, because this is what life is all about. Maybe this change that you are facing is going to grow you closer to God if you let Him.
However, I too have gone through recent changes: the change of leaving a comfortable home for the place of the unknown. Why? You may ask. Because Jesus left His comfortable home, even though He knew what would happen to Him on earth, He chose to live his life for me. Yet why do I help a mission family and move around with them, if at times things are hard and uncomfortable? Out of love for God and His mission. We all need help. Having grown up in a mission family myself I understand at times I need help and prayer. The mission family that I serve are wonderful with a heart for service. As they have many meetings with different churches and individuals, they at times need to leave their kids with me for a few days. Weeks with them and their family have been amazing, yet hard some days. One week will go better or worse the next. However, this I know, that in those down times when I think “Is this worth it?” I wonder in that moment if Jesus thought the same thing about me. And His answer is yes! In the moment when I hear him say yes, then I know the kids I am with are worth it too. Jesus loves them more then I will ever come to understand.

This is why I am a mission nanny for a year! Because mission kids are not perfect; if anything, they need more prayer love, and encouragement because the devil does not want unity in the families that are trying their best to reach an unreached world for Christ. Yes, this means there will be more fights to break up, but this is normal. What is not normal to the world is that when a fight happens we look to the Bible, then we pray and ask forgiveness from those we have wronged. This is what I love about being a mission nanny – that we can look to God through not just the good times, but the hard times as well. With all of this said, I would ask for prayer for: 1. Wisdom, 2. That I would have more kindness to show the kids that I am with, 3. Travel safety as we all go to CA on the 20th of this month, 4. That God would open doors for all of us to go to Costa Rica sooner rather than later, 5. Peace and family unity. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support this far. God is using you in great ways even if you are not in another country God is using you! And God will bless you for that!” Two children Megan 11 and Micah 8.

Valerie (52) Albania – writes: “As I start on my last year with my Albanian Family, my thoughts are wondering where the next assignment for me will be. I know where I would like to go, but I am waiting for clarity from God on His will for my next adventure. Without a doubt, I know that serving others is my calling. I am trying to narrow down exactly what type of service I should be doing. Ever since I have arrived in Albania, God has been working on me and refining me to be who He wants me to be. I am now in a period of waiting for things to fall together so He can send me where He needs me to go. I’ve been praying over Psalm 32:8 – The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you…” Presently homeschooling two boys ages 12 and 15. This is her 3rd year.

Susan (25) Vanuatu Island – writes: “Thank you for all your prayers, we knew we couldn’t be here without you interceding on our behalf. Our youngest boy just turned two this week. So we have two two-year olds right now. Last week we all had a flu and are now recovering. It took a lot out of all of us
including mom, and prayer for health would be awesome as the hot season is
getting underway and exhaustion levels are sure to rise, leaving us susceptible to so much sickness. Please pray for strategies on dealing with these busy boys
and pray for their parents as they are running a mission base mostly on their
own. God is faithful, and we are trusting Him to provide for us all. Thanks
so much for your prayers for us to be sensitive to the family’s needs.”
Children are 7, 3 and 2 years.

Haley (20), Siloe Ministries, Baja Mexico – writes: “Things in Mexico are going so well. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn from this family and this country; I’m continually both challenged and renewed as
contradictory as it may sound. Many thanks to the people who pray for me!
Among other things, I could use prayer for creativity and energy in regards to
helping the kiddos – especially with their school work; one in particular is
lagging slightly, and I struggle to get her to engage in our lessons; there are
moments when this frustrates both of us a bit!” The girls 10, 7 and 4.

Morgan (22), Siloe Ministries, Baja Mexico – writes: “Pray for my transition to Mexican culture. Loving my involvement in the family’s ministry. I’ve been here a little over one month and really missing home, due to my mother having emergency surgery. Please pray for comfort from God for me and my family.
Nine more months to go!” The girls’ ages are 10, 7 and 4.

John & Liz Hartman (70 & 71) Czech Republic – writes: “We are at the airport in Prague to begin our journey home. Our stint at the Christian International School of Prague is over and we leave with bittersweet feelings again. Liz’s students cried on her last day and a few of mine expressed sadness that we are leaving. Prague has been good to us and we made new friends and renewed acquaintances with old friends there. We have no solid plans for another MN journey but will be restless soon.”

Abby (22) Middle East – She has been in the area for 6 weeks now and is homeschooling the three daughters ages 14, 11 and 9 to allow freedom for
the parents to work with others in telling others about Jesus. Pray for peace
in the area, for many to hear the gospel and change their lives by learning
about Jesus. Pray for their safety and well being as each day is fruitful for them.

Cassandra (26) Guinea, West Africa – She will be leaving soon after spending 4 months helping with 4 children – twin girls age 6 and boys 3 & 1.
Pray for her as she makes decisions to stay with another family or come home.

Rachel (18) Bolivia – writes: “I have now been in Sucre Bolivia for 2 weeks and I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by! I am homeschooling the Anderson’s two oldest children (Joel 8, Joanna 7) and we are learning lots and doing many great activities. I really enjoy praying in the garden with the kids in the afternoon. I cannot believe how beautiful the city of Sucre is. I have been able to explore a little bit but I hope to explore more in the weeks to come. I am so grateful to God that He helped me arrive safely and also that He has gone before me and is by my side every step of the way!”

Anna (21) Romania – She is leaving 11/16/16 for the River of Life duty in Romania and plans to stay until April 17, 2017. Please pray for her upcoming trip – has several connections to make and the last ride into the location of the River of Life. She is so needed in this area. Thanks for your prayers.

Guadalupe (51) Honduras – writes: “I am happy I answered the Lord’s call. He is using me here in the Orphanage in almost all my skills He has given me! I have taken care of the missionary’s and Orphanage’s kids, I have helped in the School here and helped as an interpreter in Church when American groups come. And this week I am going to help as an English tutor to some who are a little Behind and have their final tests! I never thought the Lord was going to use me in several things in this place! I am so glad serving Him; all honor and glory to Him!! Please pray for this ministry, my family and me.”

Rachel G. (19) Costa Rica – writes: “I’ve been serving with the Smith Family who have 2 boys Luka (7) and Niko (5) and their ministry, Refugio Solte, for one month now in Costa Rica. God has already been growing me and teaching me so many things in depth, including servant-hood and selflessness. My prayer needs are to be fllled with His strength each day and for the ability to just walk in the gifts he has given me supernaturally, and that I can stay close in hearing him and feeling his presence! Thank you so much for your prayers!”

Planning to go soon:
– James & Heidi (54) to Albania in 2017.
– Rebecca (18) to Italy soon;
– Heidi (21) to Belize in April;
– Kelli (21) to Fiji Islands in 2018. Kelli writes: “I am currently in my senior year in college and I applied and then started trusting God that HE was going to help me through my studies. It was really reassuring for me. I could use right now some prayer to help me get through tests during my mid-term exams. Pennsylvania teachers are about to strike and I would really appreciate everyone of your prayers.
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The grand total for volunteer Mission Nannys is now at 312. Praise God!

Thanks for your prayers for more applications to come in. Women or
Men interested in serving needy missionary families overseas! Just go
to the website below and click on “Be A Nanny”.

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Love in Christ, Betty Sullins
Director, Mission Nannys