“Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil, cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” Romans 12:9-10 NIV

Currently in the field:

Abby (22) Middle East – writes: “I have been in the Middle East for about 2 weeks now! I already love it here, and the family has made my transition a joy. I have started our homeschool with the girls, and we are enjoying learning through hands-on projects and exploring many books. During our Marine Life section of Biology this year, we plan to go snorkeling so the girls can see real-life examples of what we’re learning. I am learning so much as well; every time we go into town, I observe and learn something new! This culture is so hospitable and beautiful. I hope to learn more Arabic, so I’m better able to communicate with the people here. I look forward to what these next 9 months bring.”

Valerie (52) Albania – writes: “This is the start of my second year with the Wakeleys. My main jobs here are to homeschool the boys and help take care of the gardens and orchards. Requesting prayers for the school year, that the boys will remain focused and committed, and that I will have the wisdom to help them through the rough parts.” Two sons ages 12 and 15.

Rachel (18) Costa Rica – writes: “I’m embarking to Uvita, Costa Rica on Sept. 13 to live with the Smith Family! I will be there for three months, nannying for their two boys ages 4 and 6 and helping with their ministry, Refugio Solte. So excited, but asking prayer for a smooth transition and for God to reveal himself to me in greater ways while I’m there. Thank you for the prayers!”

John & Liz (70 & 71) Czech Republic – writes: “We are in our second month as tutor/helpers at the International School of Prague. About 40% of the students are MKs and the reality is all students are Third Culture Kids. Liz is helping out in the combined ¾ classroom which has a first year teacher. The Class has Korean, Iranian, South African, American, Russian, Nigeria, Holland and Czech students. John is helping in math, physics, substitutes in classes when necessary and working one-on-one with a Fin, a Korean and American who need extra help. It is a joy to support the families who are in mission work in Praque and to be a part of God’s work in a dark place. We also appreciate the teachers who raise their own support to be a major part of God’s work here.”

Barbara (71) Belize – writes: “All is well here in Belize. We just had a visit from the prime minister’s wife. We did a lot of work to make sure everything was good for her. Now school is starting, where did the summer go? I would like to request prayer for me. I have several things I need to decide. Thanks for your prayer support.”

Grace (19) Fiji Islands – writes: “Hello, I am living/helping the Pittman family in Fiji. I have been here just over a month and it has been great. They have three girls, two I help with schooling at home. I have learned so much over the last month and I’m continuing to learn. In Fiji it takes quite a bit of time to do anything, which is nice in some ways but can be very irritating. But nonetheless God is teaching me to be patience and trust him through it all. A couple of weeks ago I heard news from back home that my Grandpa passed away, that has been hard not being home with my family, but I rejoice in knowing he is with the Lord in all His glory.” Girls are Eden 13, Elaine 11, and Isla Grace 6.

Hannah (23) Poland – writes: “I am preparing to leave for Poland on September 15 (I will be in the air when you get this). It has been an incredible journey that God has brought me on to get me to this point, and I look forward to continue to grow in my relationship with Jesus as I start this next adventure. I would greatly appreciate your prayers as I get settled in and learn the routine these next few weeks. I will be assisting with childcare for four boys ages 5, 4, 2-1/2 and 6 weeks. Thank you all for your prayers.”

Susan (25) Vanuatu Island – writes: “We have been serving the Sutters in Rural Vanuatu for two months now, and it is such an honor to watch these little ones grow up before my eyes. Chasing two 2 year olds around is not for the faint of heart, but it is a lot of fun to rise to the challenge. Please pray for us to be sensitive to the family’s needs and to daily call upon the Lord for the strength to go past ourselves and do as He’s called. Thank you!”

Morgan (22) & Haley (20) Siloe Ministries Baja, Mexico – They both arrived in San Diego airport on August 31, 2016 to stay for one year with Siloe Ministries as they undergo a building project and continue to homeschool the 3 girls, ages 10, 7 and 4+.
Haley writes: “I am so thankful to be spending these months here in Mexico. It has Jesus’ handprints all over it, down to the tiniest detail, and I am amazed at the provision of God. I’ve been here for about 12 days so far and am still getting a handle on the new schedule and culture. It’s been quite an adventure so far: I even got to squash my very first tarantula on the day that I arrived! I learned very quickly that I cannot pour out when I’m empty – if Christ isn’t my constant source, I have absolutely nothing to offer anyone. Prayer requests would be along the lines of having a heart renewed with strength every morning to serve to the best of my ability, grace to walk in the Spirit, and also a brain that retains as much Spanish as possible.“
Morgan writes: “WOW has time flown. I applied for MN 2 months ago and at the end of this month I’ll arrive in Mexico. I have great peace surrounding my decision and thank you for all the prayers during the decision process. I am so blessed to be placed with my family. I know God has matched me with this great family.”

Heidi (21) Belize – San Pedro – writes: “This is my last month here with Faith (2) and Josiah (1). I love it here so much and am so sad to leave the family. While here, I have helped in potty training (new to me and quite an experience) and being with the kids so their parents can help lead and teach discipleship classes. I’ve been so thankful for the prayers, and ask 1) you pray for the family as they get a new nanny, and 2) for her to transition well here and 3) for myself to have safe travels on 23rd as I fly home to be with family.”

Laney (18) Belize – San Pedro – writes: “I am really excited to be going to Belize to serve the Mersch family on October 1. Time has flown by. I am sure the Lord will work through me and in me during my time there. I desire, by the Grace of God, to be totally focused on my mission and constantly laying myself down in order to serve and love the kids well, while pointing them to Jesus. It’s going to be a sweet time in which I can learn, grow, and let God deepen my Faith and trust in Him. I’d appreciate your prayers for me as I take this journey.”

Natalie (25) Costa Rica/USA – writes: “This past month has been yet another fun, crazy, busy, and challenging one. The kids are continuing school Monday-Friday. With a reward system in place, Micah has done a wonderful job of collecting 150 marbles. This means he will get to choose a place to buy whatever he would like for $35. For a homeschool field trip we went to the Olympic Center in Springfield to learn more about how the athletes live their everyday lives. Also in homeschooling we are learning about creation. The creation program that we are going through right now is called “The Adventures of Jonathan Park”. I have learned so much about creation and archaeology.
On the crazy side, we have moved about five or so times in this past month.People who love the Lord, or we are praying that they will soon know God’s love, have very kindly opened up their home to us while they are gone on vacation so that we may house sit for them. It has been exciting yet trying at times. I am praising God that the kids are in high spirits! Yes, there are times when I wonder if God sees these hard times we face. Yet when I take a walk with the dogs that we are sitting for, I see mountains. However on cloudy days I can not see the mountains as well as I would like too. But I know that does not change the fact that they are still there. The same is with God; He may be silent, or plans may not go the way we think they should. Yet we need to look beyond what we see and trust in our Creator God. And if you trust beyond seeing, then you are believing. This is just one of the many things that God is teaching me.
We will soon begin with some lengthy travel adventures, mainly into California where we will be contacting many individuals and churches who are partnering with the Foote’s ministry. Please pray for safety as we travel and open hearts to the ministry in Costa Rica. Also pray for continued guidance in the many decisions that are being made for all the details of our move to Costa Rica.” Two children Megan 11 and Micah 8 – homeschooling on the way.

Guadalupe (51) Honduras – writes: “My experiences here at the Orphanage are wonderful: this love I experience with these precious children is non other than the love of God through them. A sincere smile, a sincere hug! A simple and sincere prayer, full of sincere words, for the most basic things they have though a child; all these touch my heart!! I have had also the blessings of meeting the Atlantic Ocean. I thank the Lord for this great opportunity to have been accepted for Mission Nannys! The only challenges have been the hot weather.”

Cassandra (25) Guinea, West Africa – She is still in Africa helping the family with twin girls 6 and boys 3 & 1. Pray for her teaching, her health & wisdom.

Rachel (18) Bolivia – She is leaving in September to homeschool 3 children ages 7, 6 and 4 and will be staying, Lord Willing, until May 2017. Serving the Anderson family in Sucre working with the Quechua people.

Planning to go soon:

Anna (21) Romania – writes: “This is my first Mission Nanny experience and I am so excited. I’m headed to Romania in November 16-February 2017. Pray for safe traveling and for Peace on the journey. Pray that the Moore family and I will be able to encourage each other in faith and grow strong in the Lord. I’m so looking forward to meeting the little ones and I ask for guidance on how I can be the best for them through wisdom, strength, courage and love. I pray that I can be a light to this family and a humble servant for their ministry.

Jennifer (26) Africa – Mali – writes: Mali has just written that they have accepted her to come to Mali – Pray as plans are made soon for departure.

James & Heidi (54) Albania – Perhaps in 2017 exploring the possibility of serving in Albania helping with homeschooling some 3rd graders for them.

Kelli (21) Fiji Islands – Serving Jan-Nov 2018 – pray for preparations.

Emma, Kathryn, Emily, have applied and are in processing.

– – – – – – – – –

In August we received 5 applications but only 2 have entered processing – because of lack of sending proper paperwork, pictures & references. Please continue to pray for more individuals to answer God’s call on their lives to help out a needy missionary family someplace around the world. We now have 49 families asking for help and 16 are being served so we truly need 33 more applications from persons desiring to serve. If you would like to have some brochures to hand to others please e-mail us your address and we will gladly mail some to you.

The grand total for volunteer Mission Nannys is now at 310. Thank you Lord!

Thanks for your prayers for more applications to come in. Women or Men interested in serving needy missionary families overseas! Just go to the website below and click on “application”.

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Love in Christ, Betty Sullins
Director, Mission Nannys