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“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Eph. 6:10-11

Currently in the field:

Heidi (23) Belize – writes: “Hi All! I’m currently helping the Esquivel family I nanny for pack up and head to the States in just a few weeks! Mom E. is due to have baby #3 in October. Please keep me and the family in prayer during this time. Pray that the travel goes well and smooth. Also for transition for Faith (3-1/2) and Josiah (2) and mom and dad as the new baby arrives and for healthy delivery. Pray for me as I get into the new routine of a schedule and new location. Thank you so much for the prayers, I’m so excited for this new adventure and it’s going to be awesome to see how God continues to use me and teach me through my time with this precious family and their newborn baby. We are currently in San Pedro, Belize and are headed to Virginia.”

Abby (23) Middle East – writes: “Praise God for a safe arrival in the Middle East for another year of homeschooling! My three girls, ages 10, 7 and 5 have been so eager to learn so far! This is their first time homeschooling while overseas, so it will be an adjustment for them, but between Arabic lessons and frequent playdates, they are doing well with the change. My heart is so full in this new area I’m in. The streets outside the city are lined with budding olive trees & I’ve already made local friends during my first few days here. Please join me in praying for physical strength & mental clarity; I hit the ground running as soon as I arrived and am still trying to find balance between rest and involvement in this busy, wonderful family. Please pray for safety as well, as I try to learn my way around this new town, in an area of the world that isn’t always peaceful. Praise God for His abundant faithfulness! During my summer of preparation in the States, God provided a small community of people to pray, encourage and support me during my time overseas. I arrived here nearly fully funded! Thank you all for your faithful prayer as well!”

Valeria (53) Romania – writes: “Today I leave this assignment in Romania. I’ve been here for three months helping watch the children of the care home and watching the 5 children of the couple who run the center. It has been a great learning experience for me with God showing me how to love people when they act unlovable. At times, these children will lash out because they are hurting or because they have trust issues, and sometimes it is hard not to respond lovingly towards them. It has taught me to be slow with my responses, taking time to breathe and see through their hurtful actions and then to respond quietly and calmly to them. We received a newborn premature baby three weeks ago and it has been so much fun caring for her and watching her grow stronger every day. It has been a wonderful assignment and I am planning to return again next summer.” Thank you Valeria for all the years of service you have given to being a Mission Nanny. She is coming home to visit her family for a while and will return soon to be with a family in Jerusalem.

Holly (36) Lake Tanganyika – Zambia Africa- writes: “Hi, thank you for your prayers. I wanted to ask for prayer for a new team member who recently joined the Lake. Ivy Chiu is from Taiwan and joined us one month ago to help with communications and administration. We found out two days ago that her application for an employment permit in Zambia was rejected. The government thinks that we are giving a foreigner a paid position that could be given to a Zambian. Ivy has been asked to leave Zambia by this coming Monday. She was given 48 hours to go to Lusaka and make an appeal for reconsideration. Mpulungu is so far from Lusaka, that she could not make it there within the 48 hours given. She traveled all day by bus today to get to Kabwe. Tomorrow she will travel from Kabwe to Lusaka and go to the main immigration office with Operation Mobilization team members. Please pray that her appeal will be accepted and that she will be able to get the 2 year permit we have requested. Please also pray for peace for Ivy through this process. Later—–Ivy was given a hard time at immigration when she arrived and was told to make her appeal at the Home Affairs office. Thankfully they accepted her appeal. Immigration then did allow her to get a 30-day temporary permit, but they charged her $300. Within the next 30 days they will decide whether to approve her 2-year permit or that she will have to leave Zambia. Please PRAY that they give her 2 years! Please pray for other missionaries also trying to get visas in Zambia. Thank you!

Ashley (36) Rovigo, Italy – writes: “I do have several prayer requests this month for you to share. Through your prayers we are helped, encouraged and you are participating in Holy Spirit work here in northern Italy. Continue to PRAY for Chen, Damiano’s Chinese ex-wife, who is in a battle for custody of her 8 year old son, Matteo because when his father died the family did not tell the mother Chen and they are now keeping the son. Pray for soon return of the son to his mother. PRAY for Adriano, our Italian elder in the church here, for wisdom and strength as he cares for the church body in Marco’s absence. He works full-time and has his family to care for too. It is not easy to juggle everything, but he is intentional about leaning into Christ and that makes all the difference. PRAY for my Bible studies with Stefy (12 year old neighbor) and that she will desire to continue even with school starting and other activities. She seems to be seeing things and I pray that God will work in her heart for her salvation and grant me wisdom as we talk and I answer her questions with Scripture. PRAY for Petra (49 widow whom I live with along with her 11 year old son, Manuel). She has not been sleeping well for years (sometimes God grants a reprieve of several nights in a row of sleep) and this affects her not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Add to that homeschooling an active, but not very industrious 11 year old boy, along with running her home (bills, errands, house/yardwork, raising Manuel) and being an intentional member of our church body and you have a constantly exhausted woman. PRAY that she may find God’s grace sufficient for whatever amount of sleep He provides (2 Cor 12:9) and that I may be a sensitive and loving support to her. Thank you for your prayer partnership!!!

Planning to go soon:

Rebecca (20) Italy – writes: “Hello, I will be leaving for Italy on January 17 to serve a family with six young children. Please pray that I will be prepared to face the challenges that this will provide with diligence and joy. I am very much looking forward to serving this family, but as with everything, I will have to make adjustments so as to give them the best service I can. Please pray that these adjustments will go smoothly and that I will be Jesus to them. Thank you so much for your prayers. They are so appreciated.”

Kelli (22) Fiji Islands – She is very busy working hard and raising her funds to go to the Fiji Islands for 9 months starting March 2018. Right now the family is preparing to travel abroad for a while and return to the Islands in March 2018. Pray for the Pittman’s as they travel to obtain more funds to continue to update and improve the wonderful area on the Fiji Islands that they have developed into a great place to visit for tour groups, campus individuals and increasing the home-grown vegetables used by all when they come. Pray for Kelli to get the funds she will need to stay with them for 9 months in 2018. Thanks.
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Holly (36) Lake Tanganyika Africa – Holly is currently helping to run an orphan school of 200 children as well as a Medical clinic. Ideally, her team would include several administrative staff, including an accountant, an administrator, and a personnel officer. Please PRAY for skilled people with missions experience who can join the team – especially for next year when Holly is scheduled to be on furlough. 2018 will be her tenth year as a missionary. Holly is currently serving as the interim team leader of 35 missionaries. Please pray for the search to find a new team leader while she takes time off in 2018. Because the field is in a traditional and remote area, it is appropriate to have a man leading the team. We pray for God to provide the one he has appointed to continue the work at Lake Tanganyika in 2018. Recently they have been blessed with several new team members. Please pray for them as they acclimate to Zambia, Mpulungu and to the Lake T team. Currently they are all staying together at the Mpulungu base.

Lisa McGeary from Las Vegas – still in pre-training in Kabwe, coming to help with Hope House. Lizzie Heyes from UK – Medical Clinic Administrator, Field Leader. Sarah Todd from Kansas- Good News School Teacher. Sue Sutherland from UK –Nurse. Tewana Lynch from Trinidad – Good News School and Hope House ADM.

Operation Mobilization at Lake Tanganyika:
More prayer needed for Lake Tanganyika: Plot Papers need our prayers. The base in Nsumbu is in a village called Mwando. We own a property there but have been working to get the official title deed for the past 8 years. Most recently, the file for our property which was with the Lands office in the copper belt office of Zambia, has been lost. Worst case, we have to start the process over from step 1. This involves travel to many locations, offices, and even palaces, to get signatures and stamps from govt officials and headmen and chiefs. Please pray for breakthrough and completion of the process to get this title deed.

Mpulungu Orphan School Base: The water tower at the Mpulungu school base is disintegrating and the 3000L tank which supplies water to the school and those living at the base is damaged beyond repair. We are temporarily using a 1000L tank which means frequent Pumping from the lake. The water pump also needs to be replaced. We need someone with expertise about tanks and pumps and towers to help us plan a long-term water supply solution for the base and school. Please Pray for a solution to this as well as for the funds necessary to complete the needed renovations.


Please pray for Eye of the Needle Foundation – David Malme as they assumed the running of Mission Nannys on January 15, 2017. They have two other websites and Mission Nannys is only one of the many Mission boards they are working with. Their desire is to assist and help missionaries around the world by sending people to love and care for their needs – such as many with younger children in need of loving care and school instruction. Mission Nannys served from 1991 to 2016 sending 325 volunteers to help out many Missionary families – we rejoice that more will now go through Eye Of the Needle.

Be sure to contact David at if you want to serve a needy missionary family. Thanks.

God bless you all as you commit to prayer for those mentioned above!

Love in Christ, Betty Sullins E-mail:
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