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“I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”
Galatians 2:20 ESV

Currently in the field:

Heidi (23) Belize – writes: “My time here in Belize is such a blessing. I’m learning a lot, just by helping raise these two children, and God teaches me so many things through them. Currently, please be praying for Faith as she has a rash that is slow to heal. Due to the rash, we have to remain inside for most of the day and with two energetic children, it can be a little crazy at times. Pray that I continue to have patience, energy and a clear mind as I discern the best way to guide these two precious children through daily life. Pray for protection over Belize as we are in the rainy season (hurricane season). Thank you all for your prayers! Faith is 3 and Josiah is 2.”

Marilyn (21) Italy – writes: “By the time this letter goes out I will be starting my journey home on August 17. The last few months have been a challenging and rewarding time. Jesus has been so faithful as he always is and I see him providing everything down to all the small details. I am so thankful to God for this opportunity I had, all praise to him. Pray for a safe journey home!” Caring for 5 children ages 11, 8, 6, 4, 2 for the Baroncelli family in Tuscany.

Abby (23) Middle East – writes: “Dear Friends: The time is quickly approaching when I depart for another year of homeschooling in the Middle East. I have diligently tried to build my ministry team of supporters during these summer months, through sending prayer letters, making phone calls and speaking to Bible study groups. Everyone has been such a blessing in their encouragement and their commitment to prayer; however, there is still a significant financial need to practically sustain my term overseas. I need approximately $7,200 for the 9 months I will be in the Middle East.

This budget will help cover my $800/month budget which includes visa & travel insurance and monthly personal expenses. I have faith that 8 families, Bible-study groups, or businesses would be willing to commit to just $100/month, which will allow my financial needs to be completely covered. I am eagerly awaiting in faith that our God will supply all my needs to complete this work He has called me to. Please join me in praying that God would put people in my path before the end of August, who would be willing to partner with me in my ministry; and also pray that joy and hope would fill my heart and not discouragement.” She is planning to leave in August 2017. Pray for her to get these much needed funds to school these missionary children. Thanks!

Valerie (53) Romania – writes: “This summer has been spent at The River Of Life Children’s and Women’s Home in Romania. I’ve been nannying the four children of the Moore’s along with supervising the other children who reside here at the care home. This past week has been spent in the mountains on a camping trip with 16 children. It was an incredible experience for these children where they were able to run, scream, sing, play and have no worries. We played in the river, rode a zipline, admired horses and bugs, enjoyed a bonfire, and watched the stars at night. It was a pleasure to be used as a pillow as
several children rested on me while searching for shooting stars. They learned new worship songs and the ride home was filled with laughter and loud singing. Every day that I spend with these children reminds me of how blessed I am and how amazing God’s provision is for all of us. Please pray for these children that they will overcome the circumstances into which they were born and that they will be able to succeed in their education.”

Planning to go soon:

Rebecca (20) Italy – writes: “Hello! I will be traveling to Italy in January 2018 to serve a family there for three months. I bought my ticket last week, so it is getting very real. It is hard to believe that I will be in Italy in less than 6 months! Please pray that the rest of my preparations go smoothly and that I will have sufficient finances. I would also appreciate prayers that I will be prepared spiritually and emotionally to go.” This is the same family Marilyn just came home from with the 5 young children. Do pray for diligence for Rebecca.

Kelli (22) Fiji Islands – writes: “Hi everyone. I want to thank you for your continued prayers for me. It’s crazy how fast the days are going by and it feels like the time will soon be here. I ask for your continued prayers that I can reach my goal. I still have a lot of time left before I go, but still, I am really excited for this opportunity and for God to use me. Thank you all!” She will be serving with the family with the Treehouse in the front yard and will be homeschooling the 3 young daughters. There are many ministries there and many visitors from others to see all of the work done throughout the area. She
will be leaving in March 2018.

Ashley (36) Rovigo, Italy – writes: “I have been in Italy for over 10 years as a Mission Nanny to Marco & Sherrie DeFelice as they serve in Rovigo, Italy. I am very busy speaking with others about the Lord, helping Marco with sending copies of his sermons all over Italy, being with Matthew a young boy who lost his father recently, and helping out in whatever way I can to spread the gospel. We are so busy. We could use some help. The ministry would greatly benefit if God were to provide a man with maintenance skills, who could come (alone if single, or as a couple) from 3 to 12 weeks to help with countless maintenance jobs around the house. The ideal time would be October and a second option would be in the spring. The need is great. Pray for God’s provision.”

Holly (26) Lake Tanganyika, Zambia Africa – Pray for Holly as she is presently ill and needs to host two outreaches and this is a difficult week for her. Thanks! She first went there in 2008 and is still with Operation Mobilization as Head of the Unit. Recently Holly sent a story on John which we would like you to read: Operation Mobilization Lake Tanganyika regularly carried out mobile medical clinics, traveling by boat to remote villages along the lakeshore. The most recent trip was in Chipwa Village, where we met John. John’s mother approached one of the clinical officers carrying him, a smiley 7 year –old- boy. It was immediately evident that he has a condition called hydrocephaly (“water on the brain”), and on discussing it with the mother, they discovered that he has had this since birth. Children with this condition should be operated on as soon as possible as to relieve the pressure on the brain and allow for normal brain development. John never had the surgery and he has limited function as a result – he’s unable to walk and has limited control of his limbs, and can speak only a few words.

Though his mother has known for a long time that her son needed an operation, she never took him because, having never travelled more than 50 km away from home, the 1000km journey to Zambia’s capital Lusaka was too daunting for her. It is likely that she also did not understand the implications of not taking him. Although the clinical officer told her again to go to Lusaka for the operation, we observed that she was still too afraid to go. We decided to send a member of our team (Moses) with her. The following week the three of them were on the bus to Lusaka, and within 2 weeks of OM’s visit to Chipwa, John had had his operation on June 2nd.

The operation was to insert a shunt to drain fluid from his head to his bladder. He appeared to be doing well, and his mother noticed increased mobility in his legs. It is unclear, the extent to which John can recover/develop increased bodily function from this operation. If left untreated hydrocephalus can be fatal, and we are thankful to have been able to meet John and assist him in this way. He will need to be monitored for a long time, and will need to have the shunt changed after a few years as he grows taller. It is very possible he will never be able to walk and as he grows it becomes a bigger challenge for his young mother to carry him. In the end John’s mother was very excited to see Lusaka. Moses was her translator, as the tribal language she speaks is not known by Zambians in Lusaka.

We just received word that John died on August 10, 2017. Please pray for his family as they will miss him greatly – and for the team member Moses who went with John to Lusaka, communicating with the family and supporting them.

Prayer Request from Ashley Hanney in France:

She writes: We are getting ready for several guests in the month of August. Four young believer ladies Sarah, Lena, Lisa and Salisa are arriving from Germany on Tuesday. Please pray for their 3 weeks here to be profitable and transformational and for opportunities to see more of Christ. Andrea (Sardinia)
who was recently saved through Marco’s video sermons, and then by contact with Marco, will be coming from August 13-17 for a brief visit. Marco just found a good church in his town for him, but Andrea is not sure of the need to attend, not having any personal contact with believers. The Christian life is very new to him. Please pray for his continued growth in Christ and for humility and that he
will see the importance of being an active member of the body of Christ.

And one final request. Marco and Sherrie are preparing to go to Niscemi (knee-shay-me) Sicily on August 18 for 5 cays. Marco will be teaching a Family Conference while there and will be teaching 5 times for 1 hour each. 5 hours of teaching is a lot for which to prepare and with guests, the many hours spent helping with the unexpected situation with Cin and Matteo, daily discipleship shepherding the flock here, preparing sermons for our body, fathering Manuel, and daily practical jobs, he has scarcely had time to prepare his teaching for the upcoming conference. Pray for daily grace, strength and clarity of mind as he uses the moments which God provides for him to prepare in the coming 10 days, which include the girls being here and also Andrea from Sardinia.

Thanks for praying for all of the above items in the lives of those in Italy.
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Please pray for Eye of the Needle Foundation – David Malme, as they assumed the running of Mission Nannys on January 15, 2017. They have two other websites and Mission Nannys is only one of the many Mission boards they are working with. Their desire is to assist and help missionaries around the world by sending people to love and care for their needs-such as many younger children in need of loving care and school instruction. Mission Nannys served from 1991 to 2016 sending 325 volunteers to help out many missionary families – we rejoice that more will now go through Eye of the Needle.

Be sure to contact David Malme, to serve a needy missionary family.

God bless you all as you commit to prayer for those mentioned above

Love in Christ, Betty Sullins E-mail:
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