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Mission Nannys Prayer Letter – JUNE 15, 2017

The acts of the flesh are obvious……..but the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Against such things there is no law.”

Galatians 5:22

Currently in the field:

Holly (26) – Lake Tanganyika, Zambia- writes:  “Holly is leading a team 40+ missionaries in Mpulungu, Zambia.  Sicknesses and medical emergency are common occurrences in this remote location.  Also the ministry vehicles and plumbing and water supply experience frequent breakdowns.  Please pray for protection for the people and property of the OM Lake Tanganyika team as they serve with an orphan school and a medical clinic.  Two new babies were recently born to two African missionary families and two more ladies are expecting babies later this year.  Please pray for safety and health for them and for unsaved neighbors with whom we regularly spend time.  We pray they will experience Jesus in a true and joyful way!  Holly has been a Mission Nanny since 2008 and is doing a fabulous job with Operation Mobilization in this area.  (see more of the story below).

Heidi (23) Belize – writes:  “Hi all! This past month was a struggle, but God has been showing up non-stop and I’m so thankful for everything he has helped me through.  Faith and Josiah are such a joy to be with.  They are full of energy and we all have a lot of fun in the sun and sand!  At the end of this month I’ll be going home for two weeks.  Please pray that I’ll have safe travels as I see my family and friends and then for my return trip back to my second home, Belize to nanny for another 6 months.  Also pray for me to continually discern what is the best way to handle situations that arise with the kids. Faith is 3 and Josiah is 20 months.

Valerie (52) Albania – writes:  “I have just wrapped up 2-1/2 years serving in Albania with the Wakeley family.  It has been a wonderful time for me, full of blessings, lessons, and adventure.  They welcomed me with so much love and openness and I easily became part of their family.  I will miss them terribly. I am now on my way to Romania, where I will be serving with the Moore’s and the River of Life Ministry.  I look forward to helping them out during a rather difficult time for them.  Prayers are needed so they can maneuver through new government bureaucracy and keep their ministry operating.”  She homeschooled two young men ages 12 and 15.  Praise God for her wisdom and courage daily to influence and guide them.  Pray for River of Life in Romania.

Abby (23) Middle East – writes:  “What an incredible year I had in the Middle East as a Mission Nanny!  God’s faithfulness was a constant theme during my time there, the friends I made are lifelong, and the lessons I learned were immensely impactful.  In fact, it was so wonderful that, Lord willing, I will be returning at the end of the summer for another year of loving, teaching and adventuring!  During my time home, my goal is to gather a support team to join me in praying for wisdom in preparing for the next year of homeschooling, as well as acquire financial partners to help with expenses that come with this type of year-long volunteer work.”  (She is teaching 3 young ladies 8, 10 and 12)

Abigail (24) Thailand – She is enjoying being in Thailand with the wonderful Blue’s family (and their 7 children) as she volunteers in their ministry by teaching English.  She had served them in the past and had a wonderful experience and opportunities to learn more about serving the Lord.

Chelsea (24) Afghanistan – She has learned so much about God and feels so blessed to be there.  She already knows it is going to be hard to say goodbye as she will be leaving soon.  She has had an incredible time with the boys and also had a great experience learning about different organizations.  She is so grateful for her time there and looking forward to returning one day!  Please continue to pray for the family as they make schooling decisions for the future. Caring for 4 young boys-she had finished college and this was her first pick.

Marilyn (21) Italy –  writes: “I have arrived safe and sound in Italy.  I have been here one week and am still working on getting into a good rhythm.  The family is lovely and it seems to be a great fit.  Pray that I can learn the language quickly to communicate more efficiently.”  She will be there 3 months.

Planning to go soon:

Kelli (22) Fiji Islands – She plans to go March 2018 and is very busy getting her support funds, and planning for a great time of fellowship with the Pittman’s 3 young daughters.  They are looking forward to her arrival and she plans to stay for 9 months.  Pray for peace as she prepares.

Rebecca (20) Italy – writes:  “Hello!  I will be traveling to Italy in January  My plan is to stay for three months before returning to the USA.  I would appreciate prayers for my finances, for the purchase of a cheap plane ticket, and that I will remember all of the hundreds of details as I prepare to go!  Also, as I work on learning Italian, please pray that I retain the new words. Thank you so much for your prayer support!  It is valued more than you know!

Do you have a Mission Nanny Story?  Would you be willing to be part of my book?  Writes LeAnna Lindstrom as she is seeking to hear back from many with your personal experience being a Mission Nanny and how you handled struggles and emotional and spiritual needs.  Please write to her at to document your story and the faithfulness of God while being a Mission Nanny.  Thanks

More about Crocodile Island, Zambia – Holly 

Though located a quick 15 minute ride (or not-so-quick three hour paddle) away from the Lake Tanganyika base in Mpulungu, Zambia, Crocodile Island had never officially been visited by an Operation Mobilization team until late 2016.  Crocodile Island, which resembles a half-submerged crocodile and thus gets its name, is home to around 3,000 people who live in four different fishing villages.  Hardly any fruit, vegetable or meat is available on the island; instead the inhabitants sell the fish they catch in Mpulungu and buy what they need from the market there.  The island has one government-run school that goes up to grade five.  To continue their education, students must either board in Mpulungu or make the three-hour one-way paddle to attend school.  Many choose to stay in the village and marry at a young age.  Marriage is attractive to children because it brings social status.

The OM team has identified four main strongholds over the island.  The first is a ‘prisoner mindset’ being on an island the people feel isolated, Alone and forgotten.  The second stronghold is ‘traditionalism’.  Resistant to new ideas and opportunities, the people of Crocodile Island resort back to what their ancestors before them believed and continue to invite witch doctors to their Villages.  Thirdly, ‘broken families’ are common on the island.  The last stronghold is ‘money’.  The love for money runs very deep and as all their income comes from fishing, the people will do anything to get fish including buying charms and making sacrifices.  With a vision to see communities transformed, the OM team identified Crocodile Island as the next place to reach out to as it is the closest island to the Mpulungu base without a vibrant church.

Previously, OM has started the work in villages and invited the local church to partner with them after a church has been planted.  With Crocodile Island, a local Christian Brethren church was mobilized from the beginning.  The Lake T team

wants to walk together with the church to help train and send out missionaries who will bring the Gospel to those who do not know Jesus.  The church identified

a local couple who are passionate about missions and have attended Bible School.  With a heart for the people on Crocodile Island, Kelvin and Florence Chibuye are excited to begin reaching out and sharing the Good News.  The two youngest of their seven children will make the move with them while the rest will continue going to school in Mpulungu and stay with family and friends.  Trained By OM in multiple areas including:  discipleship, Discovery Bible Studies, skills Training and self-help groups, the Chibuye’s will continue to be supported and further developed by both the church and OM.

Please be in prayer for the future development of Crocodile Island, Holly and Operation Mobilization.Pray for Kelvin, Florence and their children as they adjust to island life and settle- the people of Crocodile Island to be open to the Gospel and the mindset of people to be transformed.

Ashley (36) Rovigo, Italy – Recently had a young lady come to help in the ministry of Marco and Sherry who have been in this area for 30 years and she writes: “ My name is Hannah and I want to tell you about my great trip to help out their ministry.  Parts of my time here have been challenging overall it has been a wonderful blessing and gift from God to be here!  The people (missionaries and members of the small church here) have been such an encouragement.  Some of the blessings from God have been:

– having challenging conversations and teachings with the loving pastor, Marco and others.

– receiving love and wisdom in everyday life from the missionaries and others in the church.

– getting to serve and grow alongside another American girl close to my age,

Valerie, who is also here ministering and learning during this time.

– being in the homes of and having spiritual discussions and fellowship with precious godly Italian families.

– hearing much talk and praise of Christ through both attending church services and in daily life.

– observing the habits of loving, exhorting and encouraging each other to be more like Christ

Pray that I would grow in humility in service and conviction of sins, have discernment and wisdom in my learning, have confidence and courage to follow through with convictions, and trust God with His plan and all He is doing in and through me here.  That I would leave with a better idea of what it means to really know and love God and see Christ for the  amazing treasure that He is, finding my full satisfaction and true joy with Him. “

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Please pray for Eye of the Needle Foundation – David Malme as they did assume the running of Mission Nannys on January 15, 2017.  Their website is  and Mission Nannys is only one of the many mission boards they are working with.  Their desire is to assist and help missionaries around the world by sending people to love and care for their needs – usually younger children in need of loving care and school instruction.

We so appreciate your prayers for Mission Nannys. God is listening and will answer in His time and direction. Proverbs 3:5-6 – “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your path.” Praise God for answered prayer always.

Love in Christ, Betty Sullins
Founder, Mission Nannys

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