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Mission Nannys Prayer Letter – December 15, 2016

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.” And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God and was upon him.”  Luke 23:11, 14, 40 NIV

Currently in the field:

Natalie (25) Costa Rica/USA – writes: “At the end of October and first week of November we went to California for 3 weeks!  It was a busy yet fun time as I met new people and got to see old YWAM friends.  God is good. We went to California because the Foote family has some churches there that support them in their Mission for their vision of Costa Rica.  And we also got a chance to Trick or Treat near Beverly Hills!  Some of the houses there are like walking onto the set of a creepy stage in a movie.  On a sad note, one of the kids came down with a fever.  I praise God that it was not too severe; now some of us are fighting a cold.   Most of all we are missing our home in Costa Rica.  It is hard waiting when You are called to go some place where God has called you.  Please pray for direction, health and for us to go soon.  At this time, the Foote family is supported for 71% of their needed funds.  Once they reach 100% World Venture Mission will give the okay for them to leave for Costa Rica.  As for me, please pray for wisdom, I can never get enough of that.  And friendships: at times it can feel a little lonely.  However, I have met an old YWAM friend here, as well as slowly making new friendships.  I am taking this all one day at a time.  Thank you all for your prayers and support!  May you all have a wonderful Christmas with friends and family!”

Hannah (23) Poland – writes:  “It is hard to believe that I only have one more month left!  I have learned a lot during this journey. Probably less about childcare and more about God’s provision for me.  He has guided me through many ups and downs, hard times and fun times.  He has also provided a job for me when I return to Ohio, which I am super excited about, and I know that all of this has been worked out by God in His perfect timing.  I would appreciate your prayers during this Christmas season.  It’s much harder to be away from my family during this time of festivities.”

Laney (18) Belize – San Pedro – writes:  “Hello and Merry Christmas from warm, sunny Belize!  As much as it doesn’t feel like Christmas here in this sub-tropical climate, the staff here at the YWAM base has put forth a great effort to make it festive.  It’s different, but so fun to experience this season in a whole new place. The family that I nanny visited family and friends in the States over Thanksgiving.  After being gone for two and a half weeks, they got home here on Base on Sunday!  I appreciated the time to rest, rejuvenate, and experience more of God’s beauty and majesty here in Belize, but I’m so glad that they are back!  Unfortunately, Faith, Josiah and their daddy are all sick.  Please pray for healing and protection for Alyssa, me, and the whole base as there are many different sicknesses being spread.

“It’s crazy how much Faith and Jo grew and changed even in the short time they were gone.  They continually keep me on my toes.  Prayers would be appreciated for strength, joy as I serve, peace and clarity of mind.  Pray for patience when they are fussy and for matched energy  with theirs.  I’d also ask for prayer for my personal walk with Jesus.  Pray that I’d be diligently seeking His kingdom first, always.  I pray that you all have a blessed Christmas season as you remember the Reason we celebrate!”

Valerie (52) Albania – writes:  “This month finds me back in the States with my family.  The family that I serve in Albania is preparing to hand out the Samaritan Purse shoeboxes and I am sad that I will miss seeing the faces of the children as they receive their precious gifts.  Serving overseas is a double-edged sword .  I miss my family when I am overseas, and I miss my Albanian family when I am stateside.  I am truly blessed to have two loving families to call my own.  I am grateful that God led me into this ministry and that He has provided for me every step of the way.”  She will return in January to Albania and carry on until June 2017.

Anna (21) Romania – writes:  “It’s been almost a month here in Romania serving the Moore family and their River of Life Ministry.  I love the kids, Antonio, Denisa, Gebi and Emma.  Pray for health: Gabi and Emma are fighting a fever and colds.  Pray for healing in Denisa’s right eye, that it will be strong and able to see properly.  Pray for Antonio, his focus in school, and to do the best that he can.  Pray for God’s love to wash over them, and that they will love each other the way that Jesus loves us.  Pray for Doug and Roberta Moor, that they will be strengthened and feel rested.  As for myself, pray that I can be a Godly example for the kids, to have wisdom in speech and in action and that they will feel God’s love through me.”

 Abby (22) Middle East – writes:  “I have been here for just over   3 months now, and each day is still an adventure.  I am so grateful to have found a couple of sweet, like-minded friends in the area to do life with while I am here  Praise!

“Beginning November 13 I will be teaching an evening English class at our local Community center, after homeschooling my girls during the day.  Please join me in praying for strength to teach with wisdom and clarity, as well as for blessing over the relationships I will make in this new role.” Homeschooling 3 daughters ages 14, 11 and 9.  Pray for financial support for Abby.

Susan (25) Vanuatu Island – writes: “Homesickness!  We have been here now since July, but it’s only recently that homesickness has settled in.  Please pray for us that I will be able to entrust God with my family back in Canada, and enjoy the family He’s given me here.  It has been neat to see these two little boys grow up since being here – it’s amazing how much toddlers can change and develop in 4 months! I had the incredible opportunity to talk to the 7 year old about her chance to respond to Jesus’ desire for a relationship with her.  She is incredibly mature and insightful, and it’s neat to see God teaching her to open up her heart in ways she’s now learning to understand as she gets older.  That’s why I’m here! To communicate God’s heart to these children every day and in every circumstance.  Thank you for your prayers, please continue to hold us up for the strength and energy to carry on.  Christmas break is approaching and we are thankful for the needed rest!  God is our good good Father. “  Watching over 3 children ages 7, 3 and 2 years.

Haley (20)  Siloe Ministries, Baja, Mexico –  writes:  “Mexico life continues to be an adventure!  I have about a month and a half left before I officially head home around January 5th, and I’m doing my best to savor each day as it comes.  This season, although there have been definite challenges for my heart to work through, has been such a time of blessing and rest, as well.  My love and thankfullness for this place and the people here are difficult to express, and I hope that the Lord leads me back here someday.  Prayer needs fall mainly along the lines of endurance to finish my time here well, with a heart full of patience and joy, as well as for my transition back home/into my last three years of college.  Also, another nanny is badly needed to come take over my position here in early January, and to stay until mid June.  (Reader, if you happen to be a volunteer going through the application process, please prayerfully consider coming to Baja!)”  Ages of the girls are 10, 7 and 4.

Morgan (22) Siloe Ministries, Baja, Mexico – writes:  “Please pray for the Nanny transition this upcoming December.  We are going from two nannys to one.  I have really enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of the family’s ministry and the Mexican community.  Also pray for wisdom for me about future opportunities in Mexico.” Ages of the girls are 10, 7 and 4.

Rachel S. (18) Bolivia – She has been in Sucre, Bolivia for 6 weeks and home- schooling two older children, Joel 8 and Joanna 7.  She plans to stay one year.  Pray for insight and creativity in her teaching and love for the Lord.

Holly (27) Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania, Africa  writes:  “In December 2008 I had the privilege of setting off from Kentucky for northern Zambia as the 100th Mission Nanny.  After working in the corporate world in HR (Human Resources) for 6 years, it was a big switch to live in a remote village in Africa.  However, from the very beginning I could see how God had prepared me to live and work at Lake Tanganyika.  I taught the missionary family’s teenage daughter for 2 years.  They asked me to be involved with administration of the field from the beginning.  I helped with running the orphan school and hosting outreach teams and later with the medical clinic.  That family left to go to Malawi during my third year in Africa.

Since then the leaders of our missions team are a Zambian couple.  I serve as the “Associate Field Leader” and am responsible for mobilizing the finance and personnel and HR and communications.  We have about 40 Zambian missionaries on our team doing church planting and disabled ministry and prison ministry and teaching in the school.  Currently there are two other ladies on the team from Trinidad.  We reach out to the people living in remote villages around the shore of Lake Tanganyika.  We can reach them only by boat as there are no roads.  Some of our missionaries live permanently in the villages as living testimonies to Jesus’ love.  We also do mobile medical clinics by boat to these villages.  Our orphan school has expanded from one preschool class of 20 to an elementary school of nearly 200 during my time there.

I live on the base next to the lakeshore. The school and clinic are on the same premises.  I am very thankful for how God used Mission Nanny’s to bring me to Zambia and to launch me into a life of missions.  Currently I have no plans to leave Lake Tanganyika.  After 8 years I feel the time I have spent here is an investment into understanding the culture of these communities.  In Africa things do not happen in a hurry, but we are seeing lives and communities transformed.”

Submitted to Holly by Christopher

“Kapembwa is one of the villages along the shores of Lake Tanganyika in the Zambian side.  They have more than 3,000 people.  The only way to reach Kapembwa is by boat on the Lake.  There are no roads and there is no phone network.  The village is still in deep spiritual darkness.  Very few people in this area have responded to the gospel.  OM has sent a Zambian couple (Clement and Angela) and Abby from Trinidad to serve in this village.  The missionary team and their disciples are experiencing an intense spiritual warfare.  The whole village has agreed to call the witch doctor to come and cleanse the village. They are believing that there is witchcraft in the village that is causing deaths, sickness, poverty and poor catches.  Each family has been told to contribute K50 ($5) towards paying the witch doctor.  If one refuses to pay, he or she is being beaten, mistreated and verbally abused and they are forced to leave the village.  Some of them are getting their house items sold at cheap prices.  They want to raise K13 000 as quickly as possible so the witch doctor can come.  Clement and his team have said no to such contributions and are in great danger.  They have been called by the village leadership to explain and they have told them that they would not do such a thing for they are Christians.  So they are being insulted, threatened to be killed, or have their houses burnt.  Clement and his disciples have gathered together at one house to pray and to encourage one another.  We have approached the police to intervene.  The police have promised to take action but have not visited the place up to now.  Please pray that the Gospel of Christ will be preached using this opportunity.  Pray that the whole village will realize that authority is in the Lord and not with witch doctors.”

JeriKris (27) Thailand leaving January 2017.

Karla Fiji Islands leaving January 2017.

Planning to go soon: 

Kelli (21) Fiji Islands writes:  “Pray for the people that will be lead to help me go to Fiji.  Now that the fall semester is over and I have winter break, I can focus more on doing preparations to help me start focusing on fundraising.”

Heidi (22) Belize in April 2017.

Savanna (19) seeking to serve in Vanuatu Island.


We so appreciate your prayers for Mission Nannys. God is listening and will answer in His time and direction. Proverbs 3:5-6 – “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your path.” Praise God for answered prayer always.

Love in Christ, Betty Sullins
Director, Mission Nannys

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