Family application

Application for the services of a Mission Nanny

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Notice to Applicant

You will need to attach a family photo in order to complete this form.

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    * City/village Country where nanny would serve:

    * Are you serving with a qualified mission board?

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    * Will you provide free room and board to the volunteer nanny?

    If not, please explain:

    * Will you commit to a three month tour of duty for the Mission Nanny?

    * Have you read and agree with the Disclosures and Limits of Liability? (If No, please do not apply.)

    Your Phone Number (from USA phones):

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    Name, Mailing Address and Phone of the Church or Mission Board under which you serve. (Please provide the phone number as it would be dialed from the USA)

    Name, address, phone, and contact person of your home church.

    When does your term end?

    Your ministry's web page address, if any.

    Provide a brief description of your family. Please include names and year of birth (NOT AGES) of your children.

    Provide a brief description of your ministry. Mention ways that your Nanny could join in ministry, if appropriate.

    About Your Mission Nanny

    Primary duty of your Mission Nanny.


    Meal Prep?

    House Cleaning?

    Child Care/Baby Sitting?



    Food Shopping?


    Other duties or comments?

    Desired start date

    Typical workday hours:

    How many days per week?

    Would you charge her for food?

    If yes, how many dollars/week?

    Other expenses she would incur (Describe)

    Describe the room/housing you have for a nanny. Is it bath private? or shared bath?

    Are there medical facilities near?



    Are internet and cell phone service available to the nanny?

    Name of the airport where the Mission Nanny should arrive.

    Could you meet her plane?

    Anything else?

    We reserve the right to contact your home church and/or Mission Board and make any necessary inquiries.