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“For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with knowledge of of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding.” Colossians 1:9


Heidi (23) Belize – writes: “Hi all! WOW 6 months of being a nanny in Belize and now I’m in the states. What a transition! I’m in Virginia, USA with the Esquivel family as they are awaiting the arrival of baby #3. I help out with Faith (3 & ½) and Josiah (2). From the tropical weather to autumn is quite different and both kids love the leaves, pumpkins and visiting farms. The hard part of being back though are the allergies and colds that they have. Please pray that their cough/cold will go completely away and that they will be completely cold free. Other than that they are a bundle of energy and are super active. I’m so thankful to be helping the family during this time and to be able to transition back to the states with them. God is so good to all of us through every day and His mercy, grace and strength are consistent. Also be praying for a healthy and easy delivery for Mom E and baby as he is due very soon. Thank you for your prayers.”

Abby (23) Middle East – She arrived last month for another year of home-schooling with three young girls, ages 10, 7 and 5. This is their first time being homeschooled so it is an adjustment for them. Between Arabic lessons and frequent play dates, they are doing well with the change. It is a lovely area she is living in and she is still trying to find a balance between rest and involvement in this busy wonderful family. Pray for safety as she tries to learn her way around in a new town. Pray for God’s complete direction in the studies and in the play time to be a witness to others of diligently studying their books and living a life of praise and contentment in a very unsettled part of this world. Pray that the girls conform to a quiet study period in order to absorb the teachings they receive on a daily basis. Pray for Abby to utilize each day to teach them more about the God they serve.

Valerie (53) Florida – writes: “I haven’t served this past month but am back at home in Florida cleaning up from the hurricane and patiently waiting for the Israeli government to approve my visa. Once it is approved, I will be headed to Jerusalem. I could use some prayers that everything will come together smoothly so I can return to the mission field. Hope all is well with you!” Pray for the receipt of the visa soon – she hopes to be gone by January 2018.

Planning to go soon:

Kelli (22) Fiji Islands – writes: “Hello all, hope all is well! I really appreciate the prayers given! This past month has been crazy for me because I was starting 2 new jobs. God has blessed me with truly both of them and it was all perfect timing! But that is also where I’m going to ask for prayers because theycan be a little challenging so I’m asking for patience at these places. Thank you again for your prayers!” Kelli plans to leave in March 2018 for Fiji Islands.

Rebecca (20) Italy – writes: “Thank you so much for your continued prayers. I am currently in a very busy stage of life with work; with helping prepare for several weddings of loved ones, and with preparation for my departure for Italy. I could definitely use some prayers that I get everything done! Also I work in a local Boys and Girls Club with 22 Kindergarten girls. My boss has already been made aware of my upcoming mission trip and has stated that, barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will be hired back upon my return, which is a true answer to prayer. However, it will be very difficult both for me and for my girls when I leave. Please pray for their hearts to be comforted and for me not to
worry about them! Pray for my boss to find an excellent replacement for me for the months during which I will be gone. Thank you for giving of yourselves in prayer for us!” Rebecca plans to leave in January 2018 for 3 months in Italy.
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Ashley (36) Rovigo, Italy – writes: “Thank you for your prayers for Adrinao this past month. We witnessed how God sustained him and gave us rich and Spirit-led teaching while Marco and Sherrie (Serena) were away. Thanks be to God for His provision Always. Thank you for praying for the Bible studies with Stefy (12 year old neighbor). She is back from Romania but has not shown interest in continuing our Bible Studies together. Continue to pray for her heart and for wisdom as I consider whether to continually ask her to meet or wait on her timing. Thank you for prayers for Petra. They are vital. (Petra’s husband died of cancer and Manuel the son is being raised by many in the church and Marco is interceding in his life to help him grow in the Lord.) Petra is sleeping Some nights, but is overwhelmed with the mountain of middle school homeschooling here in Italy. It is not comparable to the freedom we experience in the states because she must use the public school curriculum and follow the middle school’s guidelines, program and testing without knowing the details of their program. (Manuel has to be enrolled in a school even though he is a privately taught student) Manuel is trying to work hard and we praise God for this change but he is also frustrated as he does little else but schoolwork. Pray that Petra (his Mom) may rest in Christ and find God’s grace sufficient for this season in her life). Now the next big prayer request is for our upcoming English Course. We decided to divide the students into 3 groups since we currently have over 46 students signed up with several calling every day.

God never fails and He has always provided not only sufficiently, but abundantly and exponentially. Pray with us that God will be pleased to save students through this English Course. May we not grow weary in doing good. Ashley Hanney applied to be a Mission Nanny back in 2007 – over 10 years ago. All of those 10 years have been spent with Marco and Sherrie De-Felice serving in Rovigo Italy. She is the right-hand “man” for them doing the website, helping Marco with secretarial duties, teaching in the English classes, and generally helping in whatever way she can. She is a strategic part of their family and a tremendous help to all spreading the good news of the gospel throughout Rovigo and around the whole country because of the website. Marco and Sherrie  I believe went there from Columbia Bible College in 1988 and did chalk-boarding to attract a crowd throughout different cities in Italy. He settled in Rovigo and has a reputation all over Italy of teaching God’s word and living by God’s values. Pray for them to lead many more to Christ as word spreads that a godly man lives in Rovigo,Italy.

Holly (36) Lake Tanganyika, Africa- Free At last:

One night a man stayed behind after prayers. No stranger to the missionaries, *Williamson had come to them for prayers of deliverance before. Not long after each time he was prayed for he would visit the witch doctor for one thing or another and be tormented by spirits until going to the OM team for prayers. However, this time, when Williamson came for prayers it was different. With him he brought the objects he had been using to communicate with spirits. A small bowl called a ‘caracash’ a root and a little wooden boat and paddle. Other villagers would visit and give him questions to ask the spirits. While Williamson slept, the spirits would come and tell him the answers which he then told the villagers. His father and older brother had both done this service for the village before him. (OM means Operation Mobilization Mission Board)

Tired of living this way, Williamson came to the OM team and said he no longer wanted to communicate with spirits, instead he wanted to give his life to Christ. In all his previous visits, Williamson had never asked what he needed to do to become a Christian nor confessed he used witchcraft. That night they burnt the witchcraft items and Williamson prayed for salvation. The next day Williamson attended church for the first time. OMet Clement re-marked how much happier he looked now that he had turned away from witchcraft.

*name changed

Please continue praying for the village of Kapernbwa. Pray for strength and wisdom for Abbie, Gladys, Clement and Angela. Pray that people will recognize that a village cleansing is not the answer to their problems. Pray for each person who goes to the missionaries for prayer, that they will see the light and boldly go for worship and prayer during the daytime. Mulima Village – About a half an hour walk over the hill from Kapembwa is Mulima. The OM team have been reaching out to the village since moving into Kapembwa several years ago, and have seen a change in the small community. The headman and his family have all become Christians and a Bible Study and Church service is held weekly in the village. One of the disciples,Wesley*testified how the power of God is making a difference in the village. A visiting Witch doctor approached Wesley and said his powers weren’t being so close to Believers. Wesley said that he was a Christian and asked the man what he wanted him to do. The witch doctor said he wanted his powers back but Wesley replied that he wasn’t the one who took them away, God was. The witch doctor later moved to the other side of Kapembwa to continue working. During the fishing season the population of Mulima and Kapembwa swells as Fisherman make the two villages their base. The increase in people attracts witch doctors who sell their charms to the fishermen to ensure a good catch.

Holly has been a Mission Nanny since 2008 and is doing a tremendous job in A very difficult area of the world in Zambia. Please pray for her as she restores Faith in God to a community that has been neglected for years.

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Please pray for Eye of the Needle Foundation – David Malme

On January 15, 2017 they assumed the running of Mission Nannys. Betty is now 91 years of age and just unable to continue the functioning of Mission Nannys. Their website is and Mission Nannys is only one of the many Mission Boards they are working with. Their desire is to assist and help missionaries around the world by sending people to love and care for their needs – such as many with younger children in need of loving care and school instruction. Under Betty’s leadership, Mission Nannys served from 1991 to 2016 sending 325 volunteers to help out many missionary families – we rejoice that more will now go through Eye of the Needle. Be sure to contact David at if you want to serve a needy missionary family. Thanks!

God bless you all as you commit to prayer for those mentioned above!

Love in Christ, Betty Sullins
Director Emeritus, Mission Nannys

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