The Family and their Ministry    ID 181

Dan and Ruth are serving with Operation Mobilization (OM). Dan is the field leader of OM Zambia. This role exists to give overall leadership to the ministry, resources, people and networks in Zambia so that the vision and mission of OM Zambia is accomplished. Ruth’s primary role is as wife and mum to the children but with the help of a homeschool teacher she would be able to get involved in the disabled ministry. She previously helped to establish a School for children with disabilities in Kabwe and the organisation would like to replicate this model in the neighbouring countries where OM is serving so Ruth will be involved in training teams for this.

We are a young British family committed to serving the Lord in full-time ministry in Zambia. We have 4 lovely and lively boys: Ben (2009) , Harry (2011), Joel (2013) and Charley (2015). The boys are being homeschooled due to a lack of suitable schooling where we are serving.
We are a warm and welcoming family who like to have fun together. The boys love to be outdoors but are also keen to learn so we aim to keep a good balance of schooling in the morning and playing in the afternoons.

We are looking for someone to help with home-schooling and child-care to enable us to be involved in the ministry the Lord has called us here to do. We follow lesson plans for homeschooling so it would be very easy to pick up the schooling. There would be an opportunity in the afternoons to be involved in the different local areas of ministry which the mission organisation are involved with (community schools, ministries for children with disabilities and vulnerable children, sports ministry etc). No housework is required and the role would be mornings only except for when one of us is travelling as part of our ministry when we might need help with childcare in the afternoons too.

Serving with: Operation Mobilisation


Term ends: We are serving long term

Primary duty: Homeschooling

Meal Prep? No

House Cleaning? No

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Only when one of us is travelling with our ministry

Tutoring? Yes

Driving? No

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? No

Other duties or comments: There will be opportunities to serve in other areas with the organisation in the afternoons if desired

Desired start date: ASAP

Hours/day: 8am – 1pm for homeschooling

Days/week: 5 days, Monday- Friday

Food charge? Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided by us

Other expenses: We will provide meals at our house for a Nanny but she would need to fund any meals she chooses to have elsewhere and any snacks, trips to the cafe etc. She would need money for any holidays or travel she decides to do during school-breaks and also money for airtime for her phone and internet usage at the mission base. She would need to provide her own pocket money if she would like to work with any ministries in the afternoon that are located off the mission base then she would need money for travel to and from these places.

MN’s room, bath: It would likely be a shared house (quite a western style house on the mission base) with a couple of other female missionaries. She would have her own bedroom and 1 or 2 shared bathrooms.

Doctor? Yes, in Kabwe, very good doctor who trained in the UK

Hospital? There are a couple of local hospitals but we would recommend one of the private hospitals in Lusaka (2 hours away) for most hospital care.

I’net/cell service? There is internet at the OM Base for a small charge and if she brings an unlocked cell phone we will provide a SIM card and she can top up airtime in the local cafe

MN’s arrival airport: Lusaka Airport or Ndola Airport

Meet plane? Yes of course

Anything else? We are following a homeschool programme called the good and the beautiful which is a Christian programme with laid out lesson plans. Our maths programme and history programme are also very easy to follow so although having a trained teacher would be amazing, you don’t need to be a trained teacher to run the programme. Our school day is aimed at encouraging a love of learning and to be fun and interactive as much as possible. Some of the lessons will be done one-to-one and some will be done altogether. We have a separate home-school room with all the resources needed. We are so happy to answer anyone’s questions about our family, about life in Zambia and about the role required. Thanks!

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