The Family and their Ministry ID 215

Hello, We are a family of 5.  My wife and I are in our 30’s our kids are Jadon (2016), Sophie (2018), and  Selah (2020). We are looking for a nanny for our home assignment. We will be traveling the US from April 20th-Dec 10th this year and we are looking for a nanny that will come with us as we visit churches, supporters, and family.

Your website: www.servinginthecorners.com / www.imanicollective.com

Primary duty: Tudor and care for the kiddos

Meal Prep? Some here and there

House Cleaning? Some here and there

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Yes – primarily

Tutoring? Some with the oldest

Driving? Here and there

Food Shopping? Here and there

Laundry? Probably not

Desired start date: April 20th – 2021

Hours/day: No day will look typical, be ready to be flexible

Days/week: 5 or 6

Food charge? No

Other expenses: None

MN’s room, bath: We will be traveling a lot so, it will look different as we go. We will be in an RV for part of the trip, you might be in a tent, or you might have a nice room to yourself, it all depends where we are at and what is available.

Doctor? Yes

Hospital? Yes

I’net/cell service? Yes

MN’s arrival airport: San Antonio or Austin

Meet plane? Yes

Anything else? Looking for a nanny for our home assignment with a sense of adventure. If everything goes well we would love for you to come visit and serve with us in Mombasa Kenya in the future.

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