The Family and their Ministry    ID 184

Nice to meet you! My name is Catherine and I will be the mother you will come to live with. My husband’s name is Naraphat, he is a Chinese Thai while I am French. In our home you will be able to hear quite a number of languages talked: French, Fang, Chinese, Thai, Dutch, English and Spanish! I hope you love languages because we do and are used to that! Plus, if you speak another one, you are more than welcome to teach it to us!

We currently live in Bangkok Thailand but plan to move to Spain in the middle of 2019 with our firstborn child. Expecting you by at the beginning of next year, you will travel with us back to Europe and be a part of the new adventure ahead of us.

I work as the director of a Mission Center called Action dans le Monde. Our ministry sends youth to the nations to do volunteer work in hospitals and others medical places of the world. Apart from that, I am a Bible teacher and a Christian music artist. The nanny can help us in the Mission Center. She can help in the area of communication and making known our NGO in the English speaking world.

Serving with: Centre Action dans le Monde


Term ends:  April 2019 then, we are moving to serve in Spain.

Primary duty:  Taking care of the Baby when the parents are not available

Meal Prep?  No

House Cleaning?  Yes

Child Care/Baby Sitting?  Yes

Tutoring?  Yes

Driving?  Yes

Food Shopping?  Yes

Laundry?  No

Other duties or comments:  None

Desired start date: December 2018

Hours/day: 35 hours a week

Days/week:  Five days a week

Food Charge: No

Food dollars/week?  No

Other expenses:    Only the visa to travel abroad. We will cover the flight tickets.

MN’s room, bath:  We live in a 100m2 house in the North-East of Bangkok. Our neighborhood is very safe and quiet. Still we have everything around. Now, our family is not big yet! You will have a bedroom with a mini-fridge. The room also has a desk for yourself. We have a two bathroom and showers house.

Doctor? Yes

Hospital?  Yes

I’net/cell service? Yes

MN’s arrival airport:  Suvarnabhumi airport (Bangkok)

Meet plane?  Yes