The Family and their Ministry    ID 187

Hello! I’m Amy and my husband is Robert. We are launching a ministry and documentary to help the homeless. We are also public speakers and we are looking for someone you can help in the ministry office while kids are at school.  Only 1 child is homeschooled now. We also travel by RV to our speaking events and she will go with us and help at the product table.  We can also train her in our online courses and CRM and give her an assistant skill set. Our kids are Amy 1973, Jericho 2000, Jenoah 2004, Judah 2006, Justice 2008, Jantzen 2010 and Journey Grace 2012.

Serving with:  https://learn.companyoforacles.com/p/mandate58

Primary duty:  Help with ministry work at 9am to 2pm. Care for children starting at 3pm snack, extra math work, chores, bedtime routine.

Meal Prep?  Work with each kid to prepare meals (husband is an executive chef by trade and does most of the cooking)

House Cleaning?  Just managing them doing their chores

Child Care/Baby Sitting?  Yes but we usually take 1 or 2 with us to each event

Tutoring?  Helping with homeschooling 6 with curriculum

Driving?  Yes to after school events and library

Food Shopping? Sometimes

Laundry?  Just managing them doing their laundry

Desired start date: Any

Hours/day: 9am-2pm and then 3pm – 8pm

Days/week:  6 days but very flexible

Other expenses:  None. We take care of all food, any toiletries, clothes makeup, any events.

MN’s room, bath:  She will have her own room but shared bathroom.

Doctor? Yes

Hospital?  Yes

I’net/cell service? Yes

MN’s arrival airport:  DFW or Love Field

Meet plane?  Yes