TAIWAN – Taichung

The Family and their Ministry- ID 43

Dad teaches, and they live at, Morrison Academy in Taichung. Mom started and directs a non-profit crisis pregnancy center and home for single unwed moms (Taiwan has one of the highest abortion rates in the world.) They need help with their children so that mom can have time for her work and for language study. They need help with childcare for their youngest during the day and their second youngest on some days (he is in Chinese preschool 3 days a week). The two older sons are in school each day. This is a beautiful place to live and the people are great!

Web site: Morison Academy, Crisis Pregnancy Center

Primary Need: Main duties would be to watch the baby when I need to sleep, or when I need to work for the Pregnancy Support Center, or go out without baby. Also, some babysitting of our older children as needed. Would love someone that can cook/prepare meals, mostly dinners.

Meal Prep? Help with dinner would be great, but is not a requirement if not comfortable with cooking.

House Cleaning? Yes

Child Care? Yes

Food Shopping? Maybe

Laundry? Yes

Other duties?

Daily Hours: 8

Days per week: 4 – 6

Food charge? No

Other Charges: She will just need her own spending money for gifts, any extra travel, etc. She will need her own money if she prefers to eat out by herself or with friends on her days off, etc.

Room: You will have a guest room with a queen size bed, t.v., and large desk.

Doctor: Yes

Hospital: Yes

Airport: Taoyuan International Airport

Meet the Plane? Yes

Other: Transportation is extremely convenient by bus or taxi or scooter (bring your international license if you want to drive while there!).

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