SPAIN – ID 149

The Family and their Ministry ID 149

We are field leaders for Greater Europe Mission (GEM) over Spain and Portugal as well as working to plant a church in our city. We travel much and have many duties and really could use the help.

We are a family of 6. Derek and Mary Lynn were married in 2003 and came to the field in 2012. Children Isabel (2006), Eliana (2008), Emmanuel (2010), and Elyse (2014)

Our Website: Northland Church Missionaries

Primary duty: Child care for children, such as picking them up from school and babysitting

Meal Prep? Sometimes, like when babysitting

House Cleaning? Typical cleaning up when babysitting and then normal “family” cleaning up, like when part of a family, some help with household chores

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Yes

Tutoring? Maybe some help with English

Driving? No

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? Personal laundry

Desired start date: September 1, 2017

Hours/day: 8am – 10am, 12pm-3pm, 5pm-8pm (M-Thu), Saturday 8am-2pm

Days/week: Monday – Thursday, Saturday

Food dollars/week? Only if not eating with family

Other expenses: A smart phone, possible spending money

MN’s room, bath: Private bedroom, semi-private bathroom

Doctor? Yes

Hospital? Yes

Internet/Cell service? Yes as prepaid… should bring unlocked smartphone from USA

MN’s arrival airport: Barcelona (BCN)

Meet plane? Yes

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