Hello from Southeast Asia. We are Stephen and Melissa and we are a family of 6. We were married in 2010 and spent the last 9 years in the Air Force before joining MAF. Our children are Rael (2012), Judah (2014), Tirzah (2017), and Jada (2018). We are still in pre-field status and preparing to move to a restricted access country in Southeast Asia.

Our ministry will occur through the operation of a flight training school. Stephen will be an instructor pilot and that role will provide considerable opportunity to minister to and develop relationships with his students. We plan to otherwise be engaged in discipleship as God plants our family in the local community. Developing relationships will be our primary goal which requires a thorough grasp of the language. This is how we hope a nanny could assist us, to provide us the ability to focus on language. She would also be another avenue for God to develop relationships within the community.

Serving with: Mission Aviation Fellowship


Primary duty: Child Caretaker/Tutor

Meal Prep? As needed for the kids’ daily schedule

House Cleaning? Only to assist the kids and maintain her own living area

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Yes. Primary role.

Tutoring? Yes. Helping with homeschool and at co-op

Driving? Unsure. Not likely.

Food Shopping? Occasionally

Laundry? No.

Other duties or comments: We would be required to complete a nearby border crossing every 30 days for visa requirements. This would be done together with our family and may mean spending a few days in a neighboring country.

Desired start date: January 2020

Hours/day: 8

Days/week: 5

Other expenses: None. We could even provide a small allowance to help enjoy and experience the city.

MN’s room, bath: Because we have not yet moved, we cannot provide details for housing. However, we intend to rent a home that can comfortably accommodate a nanny. Access to a private bathroom is unknown but will be considered as we seek housing upon arrival. We do know that there are plenty of options for housing that should meet our needs.

Doctor? Yes, but limited in practice.

Hospital? Yes, but limited in treatments. An hour travel including a border crossing would likely be needed for anything serious.

I’net/cell service? Yes.

MN’s arrival airport: The major airport for the country will be just a short drive from where we intend to live. The precise name with be given privately for the sake of security.

Meet plane? Yes.

Anything else? Although we plan for ministry within a restricted access country, due to the sensitive political environment, the security situation and risk to tourists is very low and should not be cause for too much alarm. Several others on our team have had nanny’s from their churches live with them for months at a time with no history of issues or security incidents. We will do our best to be upfront and answer questions we can. We look forward to meeting you!

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