The Family and their Ministry    ID 160

We are Steve and Rhonda Nicholes serving with our daughter Abby 2002. We serve at a one-year English-speaking intensive Bible Institute. Our 31 students are from North America, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. Our goal is to disciple them, challenge them and launch them into this most unreached part of the globe. Because it is an English-speaking environment, the nanny could have opportunities to disciple young ladies. We also always have needs in our kitchen and office and library. Our ESL students often need tutoring as well. Steve’s dad, Lou, also has various internet ministry projects that he could use help with.

Primary duty: To assist as a caregiver for my parents who are 80 & 84 years of age.

Meal Prep: As long as the school cafeteria is serving meals, Dad and Mom (and the caregiver) can go down for lunch and dinner as they are able. Even when they are not able, food can be brought up to them. However, they do need help with breakfast in the home and mom is increasingly requiring softer food and may require some special preparation.

House Cleaning? Yes

Child Care/Baby Sitting? No, but rather adult care giving.

Tutoring? No.

Driving? Yes, if the nanny is able to come with an international driving permit, she would be able to take dad and mom to almost weekly doctor appointments in their car and also run errands for them and get groceries.

Food Shopping? Yes.

Laundry? Yes with the washer and dryer

Other duties or comments: My father, Lou, has diabetes and macular degeneration (almost blind) and my mother has multiple systems atrophy (MSA) – an extreme form of Parkinson’s disease. My Mom, Thelma, is almost wheelchair bound and will continue to lose physical use of arms and legs. They need assistance with daily medications and Thelma could need help being lifted out of chairs or bed.

Desired start date: December 2018

Hours/day: 2-3 hours per day with Lou and Thelma (increasing over time as needed) with 15-20 hours per week assisting as agreed in a matching area of ministry at the Bible Institute.

Days/week: 5

Food charge? no

Other expenses: If she drives somewhere personally, she would need to put gas in the tank. Also, any personal touring or snacks or eating out would be her responsibility.

MN’s room, bath: She would have her own nanny apartment right next to Lou & Thelma’s apartment with an interior door between both. She would have her own private bathroom.

Doctor? Yes, there are various English-speaking doctors in our area. There are local clinics 5-10 minutes away and an excellent university hospital that Lou & Thelma have almost weekly appointments which is about 30 minutes away.

Hospital? Yes.

Internet/cell service? Internet here is very good and already in the house and throughout our property. If she comes on a missionary visa, then we could set up a cellphone plan for her as well.

MN’s arrival airport: CJU Cheju (Jeju) International Airport

Meet plane? Yes.

Anything else? Lou & Thelma have been missionaries with Word of Life Fellowship for 55 years and have served in over 50 countries. Steve (their son) & Rhonda have served with Word of Life in Korea for 29 years.

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