The Family and their Ministry – ID 41

Doug and Roberta Moore have lived in Romania since 1998 and are the founders and daily overseers of the River of Life Care Home and Ministries, which is a ministry, with 8 Romanian staff, that helps needy, ‘at risk’ mothers to be able to keep their children and not abort or abandon them. We also have an assisted living home on the property.

We live on the ministry complex caring for five children. Usually there is between 29 and 35 people living on site at the ministry at any given time. Plus we host missions teams that come to help with work projects throughout the year.

We live and work on the ministry property but sometimes we need to go into town from time to time, so mostly we’re here when the nanny is helping with the kids. During school hours we need help primarily with Sofia, (2017) when Roberta needs to meet with the staff or be involved with ministry things. In the afternoons we need help with all the girls, Ema (2014), Gabi (2010), and Denisa (2008), supervising them as they play outside and doing activities with them. Antonio (2005), is very helpful with maintenance around the ministry complex and is always busy helping with something.

Web site: International Messengers (Video)

Primary Need: Help overseeing the girls, especially in the afternoons.

Meal Prep? No

House Cleaning? Some

Child Care? Yes

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? Some hanging out to dry.

Other duties? Hopefully, the nanny would be willing to help a couple of hours a day doing some hands-on learning activities with the kids in our Care Home, and oversee all the kids during play times while the mom’s prepare dinner.

Daily Hours: 8:30 – noon, and afternoon while kids are playing.

Days per week: 6 (flexible)

Other Charges: Her own personal needs, time-off activities and transportation, internet access.

Room: Private room in one of the Care homes.

Doctor: Yes

Hospital: We are in a village 20 kilometers from Timisoara, the largest city in Romania, where there are hospitals. We strongly encourage the nanny to have medical insurance that would cover her here.

Airport: Timisoara, Romania

Meet the Plane?: Yes


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