Hello from Poland. We are Ben and Krista and are a big, active family. My wife and I have been married for 10 years and the Lord has blessed us with many children in that time. We now have four boys and a girl. We love adventuring and people. hiking in the mountains, running, boxing, camp fires, swimming and pokemon. Lucas (2011) is an avid reader, very high energy, creative and loves our chickens. Elias (2012) is quit, calm and sensitive, with a considered approach to life. Alex (2013) is an eight year old in a five year old’s body, he thinks he’s just a capable as his older brothers and will not be deterred. He is also very sharp and quick witted. Jonas (2016) aka beastie, is a fun loving smile machine, he has a contagious laugh, plays well by himself and loves his older brother. Emma (2018) our princesses and our surprise, she’s outgoing and strong willed, loves dollies, shoes, and handbags.

Ben’s focus is on discipleship and evangelism with University students. With a local church Ben helps start small group bible studies on campuses and in the dorms to reach new students with the Gospel, as well as mentoring local student leaders as they begin their ministry. Krista leads a translation team that produces bible studies for women and co-leads small groups for moms.

From time to time our nanny could join Ben going to the campus’s to share the gospel, there also might be some English language bible studies where she/he could get involved. Ben and Krista’s church also runs a Montessori preschool (native english speakers are welcome) and intermediate TESL level english class once a week. both of these are outreach initiatives of the church with lots of contact with non-believers.

Your website: www.benandkrista.net/

Primary duty: Help at home with Kids and cleaning

Meal Prep? No

House Cleaning? Yes please

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Yes

Tutoring? Yes but not intensive

Driving? No

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? Yes

Desired start date: ASAP

Hours/day: 7-7 with down hours in between

Days/week: 5

Food dollars/week? No

Other expenses: Sight seeing and personal travel, family trips will be covered but you’ll want spending money. An unlocked cell phone for use here will be needed.

MN’s room, bath: A small private room on the main floor of our home (Ben’s office) next to a shared bath room.

Doctor? Yes

Hospital? Yes

I’net/cell service? At home internet and a cell plan w/ internet will be provided

MN’s arrival airport: Wrocław Nicolaus Copernicus Airport

Meet plane? Yes

Anything else? We are looking for more than someone to come and just fulfill duties. We want someone who will be part of our family, do life, family, and ministry together. We are warm, welcoming, God-loving family (things get loud, crazy and fun with our kids at times) and we would love someone who can be a part of that and enjoy getting to know each other and of course helping us get on top of life, home, kids, etc.

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