The Family and their Ministry    ID 168

Our family of 5 is currently serving in our first term in Paraguay. My husband, Mark, and I are currently learning Spanish in the capitol city of Asuncion while our kids attend a private school. Speaking of kids, we have an amazing crew of three: Addi (October 2001), Barrett (March 2005) and Emerson (April 2009). We are moving out to the countryside in August 2018 to learn a second language, Guaraní, and are looking for someone to homeschool our kids while we attend language school. We like to play board games and watch movies. We laugh hard and love deep in this family.

Our ministry will be focused on equipping and mobilizing the First Nations people of Paraguay. We believe that God is calling us to assist in the work of raising up and developing a generation of tribal leaders in order that First Nations believers can be sent to the mission field, reaching the unreached with an efficiency and in a manner that would not be possible for Western missionaries. While our focus will be on learning Guarani during this upcoming season of ministry, we will also be looking for opportunities to share the Gospel in the small community where we’ll be living. We would be excited to have a teacher who was as interested as we are to share the Gospel with our neighbors while we live in the Escobar area.

Primary duty: Homeschool Teacher for 3 Kids – Junior, 8th and 4th

Meal Prep? None

House Cleaning? None

Child Care/Baby Sitting? None

Tutoring? Since we homeschool all three kids, there would be opportunities for tutoring.

Driving? No

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? No (Just Her Own)

Desired start date: August 2018 (9 month Term)

Hours/day: 4 – 5 hrs./day

Days/week: 5 days/week

Food charge? No

Other expenses: We also have a donor who has committed to covering the costs of an economy class airline ticket. Visas for Paraguay can be purchased at the airport upon arrival for $160. Personal travel and lodging will be minimal, but all at your expense.

MN’s room, bath: Housing in the area where we will be studying language is typically fairly small, meaning that a private room with our family may be possible, but cannot be guaranteed. In that case, we would be happy to help locate reasonable private alternate lodging, either with a Paraguayan host family (an outstanding cultural and missions experience), or with a small private home.

Doctor? We have two doctors on our team in the area.

Hospital? There is a hospital 20 minutes away.

I’net/cell service? Yes.

MN’s arrival airport: Aeropuerto Silvio Pettirossi, Asuncion, Paraguay

Meet plane? Of course – with open arms!

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