The Family and their Ministry – ID 147

Our ministry is church planting in a rural town of about 1,000 people.  Your primary duty would be helping to teach Freshman Biology and American History to our Freshman and Senior sons.  We have a curriculum you can follow.  Other than that, you could help with other subjects where needed, and you could join in our ministry by loving the people around you in our town, learning their language and culture, and possibly teaching English or any other skills that you have if you are interested.

Primary duty:  Teaching Biology and American History with the curriculum that we have.

Meal Prep? No

House Cleaning? No

Child Care/Baby Sitting? No

Tutoring? Yes

Driving? No

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? No

Desired start date: September 2019

Hours/day: Will vary

Days/week: Will vary 4-5 days

Food charge? $10 per day will easily cover all of your expenses while here.

Other expenses: Very little

MN’s room, bath: shared bath, private room

Doctor? Phone consults are easy with our missionary colleague or a Canadian doctor in the capital.  Actual travel time 2-7 hours.  Medicines are readily available.

Hospital? 2 1/2 hours to a larger city. 7 hours to the capital

Internet/cell service? Yes

MN’s arrival airport: Silvio Petirosi

Meet plane? Yes

Anything else? The nanny would most likely live with a Paraguayan family that would feed them, but would need to be compensated for the costs of the food. We figure that $10/day will cover all of a person’s expenses including compensating the family, buying any other food on their own, and transportation around the country when they want to travel to go to a bigger city for rest, recreation, or for groceries.

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