The Family and their Ministry    ID 159

We are Levi & Robyn Lenz serving with our 4 children, Michael 2005, Daniel 2007, Matthew 2010, & Krystiana 2015, in a mountainous rainforest village in Papua New Guinea! We are church planters, Bible translators, Literacy and Bible lesson developers, and life on life disciplers! We have been in PNG since winter of 2006 and in our current location since fall of ’09. We are serving as overseers of a young but growing church and could use help with the homeschooling side of our ministry.

Primary duty: Homeschool Assistance

Meal Prep? I’d love the help, but it is not a requirement

House Cleaning? Because they would have their own guest home to take care of, this would not be in my list of expectations

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Any additional time that the individual would desire to spend with any or all of our kids would be welcomed and can be discussed situationally

Tutoring? Homeschool assistance is our greatest felt-need. Assisting with the individual children’s needs with their education

Driving? This would not be a concern or need, unless a couple was to come together as women do not typically drive in country

Food Shopping? Only for personal items.

Laundry? Only for personal needs.

Other duties or comments: If the individual that would consider taking on this ministry have any special talents, skills, in sports, physical education, music, art, etc and would be willing to teach any of these additional special items we would gladly accept. Such as music-piano, guitar, art-painting, or crafting- sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc..We are open for younger nannies, older nannies, even a retired couple that want to serve together!! If you are willing to open your heart to our family and love on us in this way, We’ll be so grateful to take you!

Desired start date: As soon as possible- January 2018-June 2018 & August 2018-June 2019

Hours/day: 8:00-4:00 with 1 ½ -2 hours of breaks during weekdays

Days/week: 5 days, Mon – Fri

Food charge? No. If she prefers to eat with us, if she prefers to eat alone, than she would need to consider stocking her own pantry/food items.

Other expenses: We have an excel spreadsheet that lays out in pretty good detail different costs to be considered that we are happy to pass along. Most of the items would be flexible estimates and would vary on personal preferences and are open for discussion.

MN’s room, bath: She would have her own house (it was built by some of our former co-workers and now currently functions as our team guest house): it has 3 bedrooms, an office, is fully furnished, with living, dining, kitchen, pantry and personal bathroom. The bath has a fully functional shower and flush toilet. The house is powered and operated by solar power with a solar hot water heating unit. The house is located 20 ft away from our home inside the same fenced-in compound area. We collect our own rain water and filter it. Water filtration system is included, L.P. gas stove/oven, and 4ft chest fridge and freezer as well.

Doctor? Lapilo Medical Clinic, Doctors: Dr. Bud Morton and Dr. Kevin Ludwig & Doctor Medical (

Hospital? Kudjip Nazarene Mission Hospital is only 45 min. drive away with several American missionary doctors & nurses.

I’net/cell service? Yes, but she would be responsible for furnishing her own phone and buying her own data plans etc…We can go into more detail RE this personally.

MN’s arrival airport: Jackson International Airport, Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, PNG

Meet plane? Yes, if not us personally, we would have NTMPNG personnel pre-arranged for pick-up, transportation and guest house lodging until we can meet up personally.

Anything else? Perhaps willing to teach any music, sport, or artsy ability to our kiddos and perhaps consider doing a bit of a Sunday school with our kiddos/ or join us with helping in running/organizing a kid’s club that we do with our co-workers on Sunday afternoons to allow our children to have English Bible time together. We have some ideas in mind of doing some vocational training courses that if any of your talents, skills etc…could fit in with this, we’d be happy to work with you in this endeavor…ALSO, just by taking this HUGE ministry role on with helping to homeschool our children, will be freeing me, Robyn, up to be able to serve more hands on and have the energy and time I need to be more involved with my children and the people we have come to reach!

We have much more detailed information about our family, our children, our homeschool needs, the culture, weather, appropriate dress attire, possible ministry opportunities, other American support contacts here in country for you to have interaction with, our mission’s policy regarding this ministry role, financial spreadsheet, etc…so should you be interested in pursuing this as a possibility we would love to pass along as much information as you would like/need in making your decision.

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