MEXICO – Baja California – ID 35

The Family and their Ministry                ID 35

Our family moved to Baja California, Mexico in April 2008. We originally came to volunteer at a local Christian orphanage that houses about 100 kids, but since our arrival, have expanded our activities to include involvement in the local church and community, (including a free Christian day care and Christian rehab center) and have founded our own non-profit, Siloe Ministries, Inc. We provide health care at a small primary care clinic and plan medical and non-medical outreaches to the surrounding communities, including health fairs, baby showers, Christmas parties/toy give-aways, food distribution, prayer support and health education.

Brendan works from home (15 – 20 hours/week) to support our family’s needs and occasionally travels on business.

Grace (2006) has been home schooled since Kindergarten. She uses an online curriculum and is very computer savvy. She loves to read and loves horses! She attends ballet class in Rosarito weekly.

Noemi (2009) is great at making us laugh! She is learning to read and also does homeschool. She recently started ballet as well.

Abiela (Abi) (2012) is a VERY active, adorable child.

We also have a well-behaved, slightly neglected black lab, who we sometimes forget to feed! Hopefully our nanny likes dogs!

We are self-funded missionaries, relying on the freelance work of Brendan (web consulting and writing) for our family’s sustenance. The nanny would be responsible for child care and home schooling minimally 4 – 5 full-days a week (while Sarah is at clinic and Brendan is working from home) and other times as needed (when Sarah has emergency patients to attend to, when Brendan is preaching or serving, etc). In addition, while most weekends she would be free to travel, participate in other ministries or get involved in the community, one Sunday per month Sarah travels and serves in another village a few hours away and Brendan would need help with the girls. We also sometimes have visiting medical groups on weekends that would require weekend work, but we are very careful to make sure our nannies have sufficient time-off for relaxation, prayer-time and personal tasks. Our goal is that our nannies have at least 2 full days of rest per week. Finally, we might like an occasional “date-night” as this NEVER happens!

Primary task(s) of nanny: Child care, help with household chores.

Meal Prep? Making lunch for the girls and occasionally dinner if parents are gone. Nannies are expected to make their own meals if they do not eat with the family or on days off. If the nanny lives off-site (with food stipend) the nanny needs to be able to prepare her own meals.

House Cleaning? No major cleaning expected, but cleaning up while taking care of girls, dishes while ‘on-duty’ etc. Nanny is responsible for keeping her own room, bathroom and kitchen clean and washing her own dishes.

Child Care? Yes

Tutoring? Some help sometimes.

Laundry? Occasionally asked to help put away laundry or start loads/hang wet laundry.

Driving?  A little.

Other duties? The nanny would be an essential part of our ministry and lives! We currently run a non-profit, free community clinic in a small village in Baja California, Mexico. In addition, we volunteer at a local orphanage and are active in the community church, Christian Day Care, and rehab centers. We have an 8 year old and 5 year old who are both home-schooled and a 17 month old, and just cannot get all the administrative work done for the clinic (web site updates, thank you notes, accounting etc) while caring for them and taking care of household duties.

Starting Date: Immediate

Daily Hours: 9 – 5

Days per week: 5

Food Shopping? Yes, mostly this would include going on trips to the US with family for groceries, supplies, etc. (biweekly)

Food charge? No. She would be welcome to cook for herself (kitchenette with fridge/micro provided) and eat some meals with family; we eat very simply and healthfully – lots of fruit and veggies, beans and rice, mostly vegetarian. The other option is for the nanny to live off-site at the church apartment with a monthly food-stipend.

Other Charges: Personal expenses, any travel she’d like to do on her days off, or outings separate from the family; Would recommend that nanny keeps US health insurance or carries travel insurance.

Room: Nanny would have her own bedroom with outside entrance to deck. Bedroom is in separate apartment (downstairs from family’s living area) with kitchenette, and bathroom. Ministry office is also in the apartment but would only be used during regular business hours (8 – 6 or so). Bathroom would be used only by nanny most of the time (may have to share if other guests are onsite, or during office hours). Internet provided and all utilities included. The other option is for the nanny to live at the church apartment (with our medical volunteer) and come to our house daily. The nanny would be given a monthly food stipend to cover food costs. She would need to feel comfortable driving to and from our house (a 10 minute drive on dirt roads) and have a clean driving record.

Doctor: Yes. Sarah is a Physician Assistant and runs local clinic for basic medical needs. Ensenada and Rosarito are closest towns about 30 minutes away for anything more severe.

Hospital: Rosarito or Ensenada ( 30 minute drive). If not life-threatening, would recommend traveling into US (San Diego) for medical care, providing nanny has health insurance in the US (HIGHLY recommended)

Airport: San Diego, California

Meet the Plane?: Yes