MALI – Kadiolo – ID 49

The Family and their Ministry          ID 49

Our family is serving God in the small town of Kadiolo in Mali, West Africa. We are a fun family with 8 kids. 5 boys and 3 girls. Our oldest Drew (2001) is away in Dakar at boarding school. Joe (2003), Harley (2005), Zach (2008), Jethro (2010), Katy (2011), Adam (2013, and Dorothy 2016. We have a lot of fun as a family. We enjoy bike rides and outings to our local waterfall. We have a weekly cheesy movie night where we eat tacos or pizza and watch a movie or play a game. We consider our children as our most important God given ministry. We are raising disciples.

We need one or two ‘nanny’s’ to help home-school our children. We’ve had a great experience with a nanny who came to live here and look forward to meeting the person God is calling to start a new adventure.

Discipleship is our ministry. We live with our family in a culture where there are almost no second generation Christians. The children in the Church are the first who have had the opportunity to grow up in Christian homes, but their parents are still learning so much much about how to be Godly parents. We seek to train, disciple and encourage the believers to boldly live out their faith. Jeff is also building a workshop where he hopes to work with apprentices and train them in woodworking as well as teaching them how to follow God. We would welcome a man nanny who would also like to work alongside Jeff in this.

Web site: World Venture

Primary Need: Homeschooling

Meal Prep? Maybe

House Cleaning? No

Child Care? Some

Tutoring? Some

Driving? No

Food Shopping? Some

Laundry? Yes

Other duties? We are flexible. Depending on a man or woman’s gifts, talents and desires we can adapt to where they can fit in and give to the work of our family.

Start Date: We are looking for someone for the 2020-2021 school year. And are open for a male teacher.

Daily Hours: 8:30 – 12:30 for school

Days per week: 5

Food charge? $75 per week. If she is able to raise it

Other Charges: Guesthouse expenses while traveling, Visa, malaria prophylaxis, shots, other personal expenses.

Room:  We currently rent a house for a school house. There are two houses on the property. One is used by a drama team from the local Church. One young man lives there and they have offices there. The other side is a four bedroom house with kitchen and bathroom. It has running water in the shower and bathroom, but not in the kitchen. There is electricity. We use one room for a school room and the living room has been turned into a library. Those coming to help us would have the house to themselves at night unless we have two nannies at a time, then they would share it.

Doctor:  We have doctors who we consult via email and they help us choose medicine that we can buy in a local pharmacy.

Hospital: The closest hospital that we would like to go to is a four hour drive.

Internet and cellphone service? Yes

Airport: Bamako Mali

Meet the Plane? Yes

Other: Please consider joining us in Mali! We’ve had a great experience with a nanny who came to live here and look forward to meeting the person God is calling to start a new adventure. We are thrilled at the prospect of having someone to help our family with educating our kids! But we are also excited to have someone share in our lives and gain some missions experience.