Hello! We are Trevor and Teresa serving in Penang, Malaysia. We lived among a tribe in the jungle in Papua for 12 years, then I got very sick (my liver, spleen and gallbladder swelled up), so we had to leave the country because doc said I would otherwise die. My health was completely broken. So we are now in the nice city of Penang, Malaysia (an island) in a spacious apartment. My mission in 2019 is to rest and try to recover. I still have severe health problems.

I have 4 kids and my wife has been like a single mother since I have been so sick. We need help watching the kids and also helping Teresa to homeschool the kids. We homeschool 3 of the kids (Gideon is 3 and too young). Penang is a nice place. We have a pool. Many people come here as a vacation area. There is a nice beach. It is better than most US cities and 1/3 the price. But we are here because I am very sick and I need a place to recover. A nanny would help us rest and recover.

Serving with: Heartcry Missionary Society

Our Website:

Primary duty: Watching Gideon (3) and Perpetua (7) and homeschooling Perpetua (7) and Alethea (11).

Meal Prep? Occasional

House Cleaning? Not really. Just small help tidying up.

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Yes. Extensive.

Tutoring? Yes. Extensive.

Driving? No. We use Grab (like Uber). And we have a friend driver. Transportation is cheap and safe here.

Food Shopping? Sometimes.

Laundry? Sometimes.

Other duties or comments: Penang is a very nice city, a vacation destination. It is a real extreme opposite for us, because we lived among a jungle tribe for a decade…. but now I am so sick that I cannot even work a full day and so we need help with the kids while I recover. I hope to return to the tribe in January of 2019.

Desired start date: Middle to end of May

Hours/day: Whatever she wants. 40 hours a week would help us.

Days/week: 5-6 if she is willing. There are malls and theaters and beaches and places for her to have fun in her down time.

Other expenses: No expenses at all unless she wants to go shopping by herself. We can also provide a stipend or gift her like with an allowance to help her enjoy Penang.

MN’s room, bath: We have a large apartment and the nanny would get her own room and own bathroom. The apartment has 5 bedrooms and my office and also 5 bathrooms. She will have some privacy.

Doctor? Yes, that is why we are in Penang, because I was very sick and I am still recovering. We are 5 minutes from a clinic and 15 minutes from a hospital.

Hospital? Yes, hospital is close by. Several choices. Penang is a center in SE ASia for medical tourism. Many people come from indonesia, like me, for health services.

I’net/cell service? Yes, there is good internet and phone service.

MN’s arrival airport: Penang, Malaysia.

Meet plane? Yes, we would pick her up.

Anything else? This would be an easy assignment as far as location goes. We are in a very nice city, a vacation spot in SE Asia. But we have needs with our children, to help watch our little boy Gideon (3) and help our two girls stay on track with school. Perpetua is 7 and Alethea is 11 and we homeschool.

I am asking for help because I am severely sick from my 23rd case of malaria in the jungle and my wife is handling everything by herself while I recover. We need a nanny to assist her during this difficult time.

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