The Family and their Ministry – ID 142

We are bivocational missionaries working in Tuscany. We have founded a ministry called “Persona e Famiglia” to reach families for Christ as well as to strengthen relationships within Christian families. Our ministry is growing fast and the Lord has blessed us with endorsements and adoption by major evangelical conventions in Italy and Brazil.

We need a nanny that would give us a hand with the kids. If she could play guitar or keyboard that would be an extra blessing as we need someone to help us with worship at our evangelistic meetings.

Our family consists of parents Samuele and Erica, and children Francesco (2006), Filippo (2009), Olivia (2011), Margherita (2013) and Costanza (2015). Our former nanny can give references on how obedient and respectful our kids are.


Nanny’s primary duty:  Look after the kids at home and at churches during service, meetings, etc.

Meal Prep?  No

House Cleaning?  No. Just her own bedroom and bathroom, and kitchen after meals when its her shift.

Child Care/Baby Sitting?  Yes

Tutoring?  No

Driving?  Yes, if she can get an approved license.

Food Shopping?  No

Laundry?  No. Just help folding clothes

Hours/day: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., OR 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Days/week:  5. If we need her to work on weekends she’ll have her days off during the week.

Food charge?  No.

Other expenses:   She might need health insurance for Italy

MN’s room, bath:  The bedroom is newly re-structured with a private bathroom,  heating, air-conditioning and wifi.

Doctor? Yes

Hospital?  Yes

I’net/cell service? Yes. She needs to bring her own device that is capable of working in Italy.

MN’s arrival airport:  Bologna, Firenze (Florence) or Pisa

Meet plane?  yes

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