Hello from Dublin, Ireland. We are Daniel and Amy and over 17 years ago moved to Dublin to work in a disadvantaged community called Ballymun. The government has been regenerating this area the past 20 years through social programs and building houses, etc. We are working alongside them by regenerating hearts towards Jesus! ‘Coach Dan’ can be seen running sports camps 3 times a year, prayer walking, discipling men, at community meetings with other leaders working on projects, fundraising, writing grants, working with addicts and homeless and honestly so much more. He has poured his life out for this community.

Our family has grown since we moved here and we have Jaidan (2007) who has just started secondary school this year (7th grade) and he is a wonderful big brother, fantastic football (soccer) player, and he loves company – especially Americans! Senan (2013) is super social, smiley and sweet and we have just started our 2nd year of homeschooling him. Liberty (2017) is full of life and independence – she is living up to her name!

I am at home with the 2 youngest and need help with childcare, cleaning, cooking and homeschooling. I also work with addicts and homeless and also building relationships and mentoring opportunities. We could use the extra support from a nanny to help make things run smoother in the house and also to allow more times for us to meet with people on their journey to Jesus! If the nanny was around during camp weeks she may be able to help out with the camp in some capacities and also there may be opportunities to join the bus ministry we work on with the addicts if that was an interest to her. We would love to introduce her to friends and she will in turn be a blessing to the people of Dublin as well!

Your website: Sports Across Ireland

Primary duty: Childcare, cleaning, cooking, homeschooling

Meal Prep? Maybe

House Cleaning? Yes

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Yes

Tutoring? Maybe

Driving? No

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? No

Other duties or comments: As far as childcare is concerned – the younger kids like to play on the road a lot. The nanny would have to definitely be ok with going outside and playing with them and the other kids and interacting with kids on the road. The kids can be a bit rough at times in action and words (swearing) so Liberty and Senan need supervising and protection! 🙂

Desired start date: ASAP

Hours/day: 7

Days/week: 5 or 6, bit of flexibility re weekends

 Other expenses: No

MN’s room, bath: Private en suite, with a bath option downstairs

Doctor? We have public health in Ireland

Hospital? Close by, Beaumont / Mater / Capoagh

I’net/cell service? Yes wifi in house

MN’s arrival airport: Dublin

Meet plane? Yes

Anything else? Do need person to be self motivated, energetic.  The Nanny needs to be 21+ years old.

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