The Family and their Ministry    ID 172

We are Kevin and Sarah – we have been married for 13 years and serving overseas for almost 10 years. We have three children: Adalia (Lia) 2012, Ezra (Buddy) 2014, and Timotius (Timo) 2016. We travel a lot! Sometimes our kids see the very worst of mom and dad in the midst of stress between flights, boats, and canoe rides, but we have a lot of laughs and our “home” is usually a combination of goofy and serious. Evenings we like to sing songs, pray and read stories. Sarah is currently homeschooling and has reached a point where without help the task is becoming quite unsustainable. Our greatest need at the moment is for a homeschool helper for Lia.

We are in a very remote area of Indonesia. Travel to our location is a bit difficult and as a family we make the journey quite often because of visa issues and supply issues. We are looking for someone who is comfortable homeschooling and doesn’t mind some light house work, light cooking or meal prep. While the help would be a huge blessing, we are also looking for someone who can be an extension of the body of Christ for our family. We are still in the early phases of pioneer church planting and really lack solid fellowship with other believers.

Serving with: New Hyde Park Baptist Church


Service Location: Remote island in Southeast Asia

Primary duty: Home School

Meal Prep? Some

House Cleaning? Some

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Some

Tutoring? Yes

Driving? No

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? Some

Other duties or comments: The goal would be to find the things which the Nanny prefers and entrust her to those tasks. Sarah and the nanny would spend some time talking and working out a balance that works best for everyone.

Desired start date: August 2022

Hours/day: 7am-6pm

Days/week: 6

Other expenses: Personal shopping and any major medical only.

MN’s room, bath: Private or shared room depending on gender. Shared bathroom.

Doctor? No

Hospital? No

I’net/cell service? Some

MN’s arrival airport: TBD

Meet plane? YES!

Anything else? Medical facilities are a few hours away, however, Sarah does a significant amount of nursing in the village and serves the community and our family very well in this regard.

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