The Family and their Ministry    ID 157

Our ministry includes: We have been called to work with teenage boys and young men to empower them to be Christian leaders and disciples in their homes, communities, and churches through our program called The Jeremiah House. We also serve in other capacities with short-term team ministries, GSCH (children’s home), evangelism, and church discipleship.

We would love for someone passionate about serving Christ and that would be willing to visit the children’s home with us or come a long to serve and help with our children when we visit rural areas in the country. In our home, we would need someone who would be a great role model in work-ethic, being independent, and being a follower of Christ to the young men in our transition program. There are many OPTIONAL ways of joining in our ministry of our transition program from joining our Bible Study and fellowship nights, to practicing with those learning English, and much more.

Our family includes: Andrew (2004), Conner (2006), Wesley (2007), and our foster daughter Anabella (2017). We are career missionaries with Baptist Medical and Dental International in Honduras. God has given us a heart for Honduras. We only want to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Primary duty: Child Care

Meal Prep? No, not required.

House Cleaning? Occasionally basic assistance; plus, cleaning up after yourself.

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Yes

Tutoring? Yes

Driving? If possible, not required.

Food Shopping? Occasionally

Laundry? Occasionally

Other duties or comments: We are very flexible with duties, and we can talk to decide what works best with your talents. The main duty would be caring for the children, especially our foster daughter, while I home school my sons or when we have ministry commitments and the option of assisting with homeschooling when/if possible.

Desired start date:  Open

Hours/day: Needs to be available 8 to 5; we are flexible and would request some who has flexibility, especially when we have special ministry commitments.

Days/week: 5

Other expenses: All travel to and from the country (and related expenses), any medical insurance or medical needs, personal hygiene products, special/additional personal food/snacks, personal travel or tourist activities (if desired), local personal cellphone and plan (if desired), extra personal entertainment (eating out/movies/shopping/souvenirs/outings – if desired).

MN’s room, bath: Private room and bath apart from main house.

Doctor? Yes

Hospital? Yes

I’net/cell service? Yes

MN’s arrival airport: Tegucigalpa Airport

Meet plane? Yes, we will be there.

Anything else? Our ministry work does require minimal travel (usually close by). When travel needs arise, we can be flexible and work with the you on how you help out or join us. We live in the capital city, and we have easy access to many things not available in the more rural areas from shopping to English speaking churches. It is important to note that we are directors of a transition home for young men, and at any given time may have 6 to 8 young men ages 18 – 23 living in a specific area of our home. This area is separated from our personal living space and the room/bathroom provided for you.

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