HONDURAS – Tegucigalpa

The Family and their Ministry           ID 29

We are serving with The Leadership Center in rural Honduras and need a Nanny who is passionate about Jesus and loves taking care of young children. The need help with home schooling their son, Micah born in 2010, and caring for their daughter, Abigail, born 2012. They have a easy-to-follow home school curriculum and lots of outdoor playing opportunities. Teaching experience is helpful but not essential. The family may adopt a young infant, so having a nanny would be especially helpful for the family and would help keep the parents available to continue serving in the ways God has called them to. Their ministry includes teaching and training young woman (ages 18-25) English, Ethical Leadership and Business. The family lives on the school’s campus along with 20-30 students and 4-7 volunteers, and shares meals and work responsibilities. There are many opportunities to relate with the students and to help in the kitchen, and to work in the gardens and coffee farm. This family would be honored to have you serving with them. You would be a part of their family as well as the campus family. It’s a fun and safe community and you would be welcomed with much love, support and gratitude!

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Primary Need: We are looking for a nanny who is able to take a major role in home schooling our son, and helping to look after his younger sister. This is especially important when we, the parents, have ministry commitments to tend to. (Bible studies, teaching classes, mentoring, etc.) We desire our nanny to feel like a part of our family. She would share meals with us and will be welcome to join us on trips to town, etc. We are looking for a young woman with a heart for Jesus and a heart to teach young children and to be a good example to them, by teaching them english, leadership and business. We hope that our nanny would feel free to participate in our ministry as well!

Meal Prep? No

House Cleaning? No

Child Care? Some help to give mom a break.

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? No

Other duties?

Daily Hours: 6 – 8

Days per week: 5

Food charge? No

Other Charges: Visa Renewal Trip (If she stays longer than 4 months),Personal Food/Snacks that she may desire to have, Personal Travel (if desired), Personal Cellphone (if desired).

Room: Free separate private room and bath apart from main house.

Doctor: Yes. There are numerous doctors in the nearest town that is 45 min. away.

Hospital: Yes, two hours away

Airport: Tegucigalpa Airport

Meet the Plane? Yes. We would be waiting for her to arrive right as she exits baggage claim.