The Family and their Ministry    ID 186

Hello! I’m Stephanie and my husband is Jordan. Our family loves Jesus! We do ministry together but there are certain parts and times of ministry where we need some help with our amazing 3 children with Grace 2012. Madison 2014 James 2017. Our children are well behaved and loved by many.

We are Christian missionaries. We are doing a School of ministry development with a 3 month lecture phase on campus and 7 week outreach they haven’t determined the locations either USA, Europe, or North Africa. We are called to awaken the lost, renew the saved and equip them all. We also help out with a local church in the youth department but they have childcare there.

Serving with: http://www.YWAMOrlando.com/

Primary duty:  During our lecture phase there’s a couple hours a day we will be in class and our nanny has to make sure our eldest daughter is doing her schoolwork that we already MAP out for her and our younger too is just in a schedule happy and healthy

Meal Prep?  No all meals will be provided

House Cleaning?  Not necessary

Child Care/Baby Sitting?  Yes!

Tutoring?  Not necessary

Driving?  Occasionally we might need that but not a deal breaker

Food Shopping?  No

Laundry?  No

Other duties or comments:  My husband and I just want to be reassured that our children are being taken care of while we are in class and loved , and when we are on outreach if there’s something we don’t feel comfortable with our children being around our nanny can stay back with them other than that we’d love to do a lot together

Desired start date: 01/02/2019

Hours/day: 10:15am-12pm / 1:15-3 M-F. Occasionally 3:30-5:30 as well

Days/week:  5

Food charge?  No we will accommodate

Other expenses:   No we will pay for her personal housing and food

MN’s room, bath:  It’s dorm style . It might be shared bathroom but if so people won’t be in the bathroom while she’s in there .

Doctor? Yes

Hospital?  Yes

I‘net/cell service? Yes wifi available

MN’s arrival airport:  MCO Orlando international airport

Meet plane?  Yes

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