The Family and their Ministry    ID 165

There are two families living in the same home in Guinea – the Jamison’s and the Baldridge’s. Adam Jamison is an ordained Anglican priest and electrical engineer and Rachel Jamison is a pediatric cardiologist. They have one son, Quillin (born 2015). Aaron Baldridge is a high school teacher and Courtney Baldridge is a pediatrician. They have three children – Olivia (born 2012), Ruthie (born 2014), and Ezra (born 2017).

We are working to provide much-needed training in our various fields of expertise – pastoral leadership, education, and healthcare – in order to equip local people to care for their community well and to share the love and hope of Christ.  We are in the process of building the country’s first pediatric center of excellence which will include pastoral training and electrical training on-site.

We are looking for a mission nanny who is interested in helping us provide co-op homeschool style education to our children as well as the children of our local nanny and guardian.  The mission nanny will be in charge of overseeing the English curriculum, while a local teacher will be hired to oversee the French curriculum.  She will, therefore, be in charge of half of the education during the week.  Depending on her interests and background, we will work with her to ensure she is comfortable with the curriculum chosen and can add her own creativity as desired.  During her downtime, she is free to join any of our other efforts – especially in the pediatric center, working with children to help us ensure they hear the gospel and are introduced to the love of Jesus.

Primary duty:  education Monday through Friday.

Meal Prep? Occasional

House Cleaning? Light, occasional

Child Care? Yes

Tutoring? Yes

Driving? No

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? Occasional

Desired start date: Summer 2021

Typical Workday Hours/day:  8am-4pm Monday through Friday

Days/week: 5-6 (rarely 6)

Other expenses: Flight, Visa, Malaria prophylaxis, Cell phone / Internet, Medical Insurance, any costs on days off when not in the home

MN’s room, bath: She will have a private room in our home with shared bath

Doctor? Yes

Hospital? Yes

I’net/cell service? Yes at her cost

MN’s arrival airport: Conakry International Airport

Meet plane? Yes

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