We are Johanna and Simon and as you can seen in our picture, we are a cocktail of a family. Simon is from India, Johanna is half German, half English. Our children are Shiloh (2007), Amy (2009), Shalom, (2011), Yossel (2014) and Zoe (2019). Our children are being brought up trilingual, English being their preferred language of communication. The children are being homeschooled. As a family we love to play games, bake cakes and be out in our garden.

Life for All was pioneered by us when being called to a pro-life ministry in 2009 we realised there was no such organisation in India. There are two main pillars to our work. The first are our Life Seminars, moral awareness seminars during which we teach about abortion related topics and the danger of pornography. The other pillar is our Life Center- a safe place for pregnant women in need. Here more than 60 women have been cared for before, during and after delivery. All our services are free of cost.

The ladies we are privileged to serve in our Life Center are often young girls, who are victims of sexual assault. These girls are always looking for friends to learn English from or just spend time with. Spending time with them would make them feel extremely special. If our nanny feels comfortable with office work, she would be welcome to help out Anita, our office staff, who is not a native English speaker and always welcomes someone who knows the language well.

Life Seminars are also a possibility of getting involved- if nanny likes to stand in front of people and teach, she’s welcome to join that team. Otherwise there is always the option of helping out practically with our garden and farm animals.

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Primary duty: Helping with the homeschooling

Meal Prep? No

House Cleaning? No

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Occasionally the younger ones

Tutoring?  Yes

Driving? No

Food Shopping? Occasionally

Laundry? Occasionally

Other duties or comments? Living in India, we as a family have adapted to the local food. Except on Saturdays it’s Indian cuisine. There are shops, if our nanny would like to buy herself western food items. Dress code would also have to be Indian for our nanny.

Desired start date: ASAP

Typical workday hours: 9am-2pm homeschooling; the rest is flexible

How many days per week? Homeschooling is five days a week

Food Charge? No

Other expenses:  Our nanny would have to buy herself some Indian outfits, even though we do have some for short-term staff which she could use, too. One outfit would probably be around $30. We don’t usually buy a lot of imported food items. So, if this is something she really likes and wants, it’s probably best she plan some money for that.

MN’s room, bath: We have a separate housing unit right next to our house on our campus. It’s a two bedroom house with a living room, kitchen and two bathrooms. If any guests come, we would like her to share the house with the guest.

Doctor? Within 30 minutes

Hospital? Within 30 minutes

Internet/cell phone? We do not have Wifi. We could organise an Indian cellphone with mobile data. That’s what we use, too.

MM’s Arrival airport: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Meet plane? Absolutely

Anything else? Praying for you!!

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