The Family and their Ministry    ID 166

We are a family of 7. Outside of learning language our family enjoys being outdoors, playing games, eating local foods, and watching movies together. Parents names Bill and Liz. Kids – Anna (2001), Ryan (2003), James (2006), Claire (2008), Katie (2010)

We moved to East Asia in June 2016. We are currently in the language learning phase. We attend a local university to learn language.

Primary duty: Our 2 oldest children will be enrolled in an online virtual school, so only our 3 youngest children will need a homeschool helper.

Meal Prep? no

House Cleaning? no

Child Care/Baby Sitting? no

Tutoring? yes

Driving? no

Food Shopping? no

Laundry? no

Other duties or comments: Because of our full time enrollment in language study, it would be a huge blessing to our family to have someone come and teach our kids. It would free up our time to focus on getting the language down without having to worry about our children’s education. Our children’s education and well being is really important to us. We don’t have any other duties or requirements from someone other than helping with education.

Desired start date: August 2018

Hours/day: 4-8 depending on how long it takes the kids to finish schoolwork

Days/week: 5

Food charge? no

Other expenses: Nanny would be in charge of paying for airfair  to East Asia and return airfare to USA. Also responsible for passport and visa costs and personal expenses on items that she would want to purchase.

MN’s room, bath: We would provide an apartment for the nanny. We are unsure if this would be with 1 other female roommate or not. This is certainly something we are willing to discuss further with the nanny as to what her wishes are.

Doctor? Yes. We have several good foreign doctors that work here in a local hospital.

Hospital? Yes

I’net/cell service? Yes

MN’s arrival airport: Xining International

Meet plane? Yes

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