CHAD – ID 151

The Family and their Ministry ID 151             

We are a fun-loving, hard-working, God-worshiping family. We love music, creating, and cross-cultural living.  Our family has three specific missions: 1. Direct outreach and evangelism 2. Training local and foreign believers 3. Intercession. Our nanny would be able to grow in strategic intercession.

We have six children, Lillian born 2009, Debbie born 2011, Eleanor born 2013, Adam born 2014, David born 2016, and Evelyn born 2019. We met in Sudan as singles and were married in 2008.

Primary duty: Helping the parents home school and care for the children

Meal Prep? Sometimes

House Cleaning? Some (ex: helping the family with dinner clean up, helping the children clean up an area)

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Once/week

Tutoring? Daily

Driving? No

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? Just helping the children as they hang the laundry, fold it and put it away

Other duties or comments: Once a quarter, we would have a weekend of prayer and would need more child care for our kids and the other kids in our community.

Desired start date: As soon as possible

Hours/day: 8-11:30; 12:30-2:30

Days/week: 5-6

Other expenses: Travel in and out of Chad-airfare and then bus tickets to and from Abeche from N’Djamena. Cell phone and internet.

MN’s room, bath: The room is connected to the main house but has an entrance from the outside courtyard. Our house is in an enclosed courtyard. The bathroom is outside. Shower and toilet with a Western style seat but you flush it with a bucket of water. She could use the bathroom inside our house while she was with the children.

Doctor? Several of the ex-pats living here are doctors

Hospital? The French Military Base and local hospitals

Internet/cell service? She could buy a cell phone and internet. Internet is not great but wi-fi is available.

MN’s arrival airport: NDJ

Meet plane? Yes

Anything else? She would have the opportunity to learn some Arabic while she was here if she wanted to.
• The person would be living with an American family who has been living cross culturally full time since 2006.
• Sharing meals with our family and one night/week of fellowship with Keith and Tricia after kids are in bed
• The possibility of traveling with our family to conferences and for vacations
• Being a critical part of the Kingdom of God expanding among Chadians and Sudanese
• Learning to live in a culturally appropriate way (attire, curfew, behavior, relationships with the opposite gender, etc)
• Some mentoring and support from our family


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