CAMEROON – West Africa

The Family and their Ministry              24

I’m single and don’t have any biological children. I have many that I foster and care for. There may be no children or several children in my home for care at any given time. At the writing of this application, there are 3. These kids were born in 2009, 2010 and 2015.

Description of ministry:
Daughters of Destiny serves orphans, vulnerable children, and destitute women and men. We work in small villages, prisons, orphanages, and churches. We have weekly Kids clubs and we also run a small primary school. In the future we plan to build a children’s village to assist vulnerable children in a better way. Any Nanny that joins us may serve in any area of ministry that we work with.

CameroonMcLeanAcademyWe have several other ministry areas, including the “Hope and Destiny Academy,” pictured here:

Web site: DoD Cameroon

Starting Date: Immediate

Primary Duty: Assisting with care of children that may be in my home.

Meal Prep? Possibly light meal prep for the children or her own meals if she doesn’t like African food.

House Cleaning? Cleaning up behind herself and keeping her room neat, assisting with dishes.

Tutoring/Home School? No

Child Care? Yes

Driving? No

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? Possibly her own

Other Duties: Some light teaching for a 5 year-old. Colors, letters, shapes, etc

Daily Hours: No more than 8 (varies)

Days per week: 5

Food charge? No

Food Cost:

Other expenses: Airfare, transportation, toiletries, some Beach Trips, some eating out, souvenirs, phone credit (all of our phones are pre-paid. She should come with an unlocked phone that requires a SIM card).

Room: Housing can be in one of a few places. My home currently has one empty bedroom and a shared bath in the hallway.

The School (a house we use as a school) has a few bedrooms where volunteers stay. One has it’s own bath and others are shared in hallway.

At times there may be a need to share a room until we find other housing for visitors or a person in need. We are in the process of searching for another home to use as a guest house for volunteers. We have volunteers who come to assist with the school or other aspects of ministry at various times of the year. Usually for a few weeks at a time.

We will do our best to provide private accommodation.

Doctor: Yes

Hospital: Yes

Airport: Douala, Cameroon, airport code DLA

Will the Family meet the Plane? Yes

More about the Nanny’s duties: She can join us in any and all of our ministries if she so desires.

Comments: We want whomever comes to know that we live in a Developing Third World Country. Our groceries are purchased in an open-air-type farmers market. Water sometimes only flows every other day and their are power outages at times. We walk and take taxi’s everywhere. We have a nice, comfortable home in a safe place but it is still a Third World Country.

Cameroon is a bilingual country. French and English are the National languages. We live on the English speaking side but the first language is a native dialect called Pidgin. It’s a broken English and simple to understand after a few months. We also have beautiful beaches about 45 minutes away and we try to take a trip at least once a month.

Last update: April, 2016