ASIA – ID 115

The Family and their Ministry – ID 115

We have been serving in this country for most of our marriage. Mom grew up here as an MK from 10-18. We are working on starting a family business creating English teaching videos that include our whole family. We are a growing family with nine children! Shem (2003), Jed (2005), Toby (2006), Raiah (2008), Ben (2009), Jess (2011), Addy (2013), Mic (2015), Elly (2017). We homeschool and love to play!

We have weekly bible studies in our home. Adults usually meet downstairs w/ me, and the kids upstairs with my wife and our kids. It would be great to have another responsible adult to help Mom, and often especially with our own kids (as some of them are quite young).

We build relationships with people and share the good news when possible. We sometimes have Bible studies in our home or with people in small groups. If we did resume home bible studies our nanny could help with the children, both ours and visiting children.

Primary Need: Homeschooling help

Meal Prep? A meal a day

House Cleaning? Help lead children in their chores

Child Care? Babysit the kids 1-2 times a week

Tutoring: Possibly, if you like music!

Food Shopping? Occasionally

Laundry? Some, along with older children

Other duties/comments? If possible we’d like to request someone with a bachelor’s degree and TESL training (or willing to get a TESL certificate); this way we could get them a one-year working visa instead of a temporary visa that has to be renewed every couple months by leaving the country. We’re thinking they could work part time as an English teacher for a couple hours a week, but spend the majority of the time helping our family with homeschooling and and other household responsibilities.

Daily Hours: 8am- 1pm and a few afternoons

Days per week: Six, Sunday we would meet together for worship

Desired start date: ASAP

Other Charges:  Meals not eaten with us, personal necessities. Prices are pretty cheap here though.

Room: Either her own room and bathroom in our house or we would rent a small apartment nearby.

Doctor: Yes

Meet the Plane?: Yes

Arrival airport: TBD

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