The Family and their Ministry – ID 138

This family serves in a somewhat difficult nation, however they have a good deal of favor in their area. They manage an ecolodge, and use this as a platform to interact with the people in their community on a regular basis, as well as foreigner guests from all around the world. They have 7 children, but only 6 live at home, and only 4-5 of those are in need of schooling help. The school age children (elementary through high school) need help with their daily studies, so Dad and Mom have more available time to reach out to the people around them for His glory.

“The nanny would be welcome to join us in any of the variety of activities we do at any point and time, and if she/he has a special skill or gift to offer, we are happy to consider with them how we can best utilize this, as well (for example, we had a ballerina come help us once, and she was very pleased to help us reach out to the local village children by joining us in weekly ‘ballet’ lessons. We are very flexible and open to letting Him work through the giftings of His people).”

The nanny would not need to create lesson plans, as mom does that for each school year, but if they wanted to have input into this, Mom would be happy to talk with them about this.

“We have 4-5 children who will need daily schooling help. Our oldest son is likely graduating this summer (2017), so we are not including him in this number. Also, our youngest will not need any schooling help until he turns 4 (2018), however, we may have him do some minor pre-K work this coming school year (2017-2018), as he likes to be included in ‘doing school’. Similarly, if the Nanny wishes to include him in any of the older kids’ lessons that would be fine, too.”

Desired start date: As soon as possible… this is an ongoing need. (Note: most of our school years start in early Sept and attempt to end by the beginning of June). We would love someone to come for a year, but will be happy with any help and can discuss this according to the Nanny’s needs.

Daily Hours: Flexible, our children usually start their individual work when they wake up, often by 8:30 a.m. Our goal is to end by lunch time, as most of the children work better in the mornings, however, depending on ability to focus that day, individual schoolwork requirements, course load that year, and group work plans, we sometimes go as late as 3:00 p.m. We are willing to be flexible if the Nanny needs this schedule to be altered a bit, though.

Room: If agreed upon in advance, we could give the nanny a private room in our home, however, she/he would need to share the family bathroom. Or, because we manage an ecolodge, the nanny could otherwise have access to a one-room bungalow. Depending on how long the nanny would be staying we could discuss if this would be a shared bungalow (with potential ecolodge guests… same gender) or a private bungalow. Each bungalow has a private bathroom. They are equipped with a bed and shelves, and could also have a small fridge, and table with chairs according to Nanny’s preference of eating and doing school at our home (within a very short walking distance), or at her/his bungalow.

Primary Need:  Oversee and be the primary help in homeschooling our children.

Desired start date:  For next upcoming school year (this is an ongoing need…most of our school years start in early Sept and attempt to end by the beginning of June) . We would love someone to come for a year, but will discuss the need.

Meal Prep: None, unless Nanny wishes to prepare their own food

House Cleaning: No

Child Care: Possibly occasionally, if agreed upon in advance, but not as a regular duty.

Tutoring: Yes, as part of home schooling

Driving:  Not required by us, but if Nanny wants to drive, then we will talk about this.

Food Shopping: No

Laundry: Take care of her/his own laundry… not responsible for our family’s laundry in any way.

Other duties:  If she has free time, some of our younger children enjoy playing cards, badminton, legos, making crafts, etc, and would love to have someone play these types of things with them, if the nanny was open to that.

Daily Hours: Flexible, our children usually start their individual work when they wake up with the “official” start time of around 8:30 a.m.   Group work usually begins after lunch until about 3:00 p.m.   However, we are willing to be flexible if the Nanny needs this schedule to be altered a bit.

Days per week: 5 (M – F)

Food charge: Not if she ate with us, but if she wanted her own food, then she might need to pay for this.

Other Charges:  There is a monthly visa required for foreigners to remain in the country.   The 30 day visa is approximately $35 for Americans.

Room: We manage a resort, so the nanny would have a one-room bungalow with a private bathroom.   It is equipped with a bed and shelves, and could also have a small fridge, oven, and table with chairs according to Nanny’s preference of eating  and doing school at our home (within a very short walking distance), or at her/his bungalow.

Internet/cell phone service:  Usually, yes.   Occasionally we have a power outage, but most days they are available.

Doctor: Yes (for non-emergencies… about 10 minutes away)

Hospital: In the capital city (about 1 hour away)

Airport: Yes (about 1 hour away)

Meet the Plane? Yes

Other: We need your help, and the sooner the better!

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