ASIA – ID 207

We are Silas and Zoe, and we have a son and a daughter born in 2017 and later. We are a multicultural and multilingual family, but we usually just speak English! We live in a modern apartment in a quiet and very safe city of a country where sharing the Gospel is not permitted. So we have all the conveniences of modern living, similar to America or Europe, but we are on a kind of frontier when it comes to mission work.

We personally have lots of interests and skills, but it seems like there’s never enough time to explore them all – we spend much of our time working and just taking care of our children and helping them to grow. Our older child is a well-behaved, intelligent and expressive toddler, and our younger child at this point is a happy and healthy baby who is growing up way too fast!

We like to live a simple and fairly natural lifestyle for anything that is within our control. We believe in engaging personally with our children, without televisions or tablets or video games. We also believe in setting boundaries so that our children know what is permitted and expected. They follow a pretty regular daily schedule and enjoy interacting personally with anyone they meet. We as parents feel like we’ve gotten the hang of the basics, but our children are always growing and we constantly see new things that we could do to help our children and one another.

We are not overbearing with our children or judgmental as Christians – we recognize that God has given a variety of gifts to people, and that there are many ways of worshiping and living out your calling as a Christian. No matter where you are in your journey, we’re happy to encourage, or help out, or just stay silent and let you grow in your interactions and relationships.

We translate the Bible into the language of an unreached people group. The speakers of that language do not have access to scriptures in their language, so most of them have never even heard about Jesus. Our ministry is to make God’s word available to them, to bring transformation in their lives, and to make witnesses of Jesus Christ. By helping us take care of our two young children, you can free up our time so that we can double our productivity and get the Bible to them that much more quickly. You would also be free to meet any of our friends from the people group that we work with. We try to teach them a little English, so they would love to practice, and they are always looking to make new friends.

Primary duty: Child care and home-preschooling

Meal Prep? Not usually, occasional light meal prep or help as you feel comfortable

House Cleaning? No, we have a house cleaner, so we just need to keep things generally tidy

Child Care/Baby Sitting? Yes

Tutoring? Yes (following a simple preschool curriculum)

Driving? No (taxis and busses are everywhere, and they’re cheap)

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? No (or rarely; we have a washing machine that you can use for yourself)

Desired Start Date: September 2020

Hours/day: 8-12, 1-5

Days/week: 5

Food charge? No

Other expenses: There aren’t many things you’ll need to buy. If you want to order personal items online, we can help with that – the prices are usually very cheap and the variety is fantastic. Delivery is also super fast. Travel is relatively cheap by plane or train, if you ever have the urge to go on a trip by yourself or with a friend. A meal at a restaurant may cost only $2-$4 per person, but if you come out to eat with us, we will pay for your meal! There are so many delicious food options nearby.

MN’s room, bath: We will find a separate apartment close to our home, so you will get the entire place to yourself, OR we will move to another apartment with a private room and private bath for you. It depends on apartment availability, your preferences, and the quality of the accommodation. We will not ask you to live in substandard or dirty housing. Our own apartment is clean, new, and modern, with plenty of hot water and electricity. In our experience, all areas of our city are safe, even for a single woman at night.

Doctor? Yes, both local and Western (English-speaking) doctors

Hospital? Yes, several; and a clinic in the neighboring building.

I’net/cell service? Yes, we will pay for phone service

MN’s arrival airport: TBA

Meet plane? Of course! We plan to personally come to the airport and hold a sign!

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